Monday, December 25, 2006


Look at the mountain of presents I've received this Christmas!

A BIG Thank You to all Uncles and Aunties for your presents!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Denise 3rd Birthday Celebration

Denise's actual birthday falls on Dec 27, which is too near to the end of the year. We decided to celebrate her birthday earlier in school.

I think 3 years old is a good age to start celebrating a kid's birthday. Everything that she had that day was decided by her...
- A Barney cake
- A Barney "pull-string" pinata (each child takes turn to pull a ribbon; only one ribbon releases the candies inside. Recommended for younger children as they do not have much strength to hit the usual pinata)
- Yakult for every friend
- "wang wang" biscuit

It was truly a tiring affair for me but the children enjoyed themselves. Especially when the candies dropped from the pinata, they went wild! Everyone was on all four, trying to grab as much candies as possible.

Thank you to Denise's friends for all the presents! You certainly made Denise's day!!!

Bob The Builder

Whenever we drove past United Square, Denise will exclaimed at the sight of Bob The Builder's banners hanging on the street lamps. I, very much, wanted to bring her but felt that the ticket is a little too pricey for a 45mins show.

Thank God for nice colleagues! One of them gave me 2 free tickets to a Friday afternoon show. Immediately I took half day leave to bring Denise. Sure enough, it was nothing spectacular. If the tickets were not free, I would not have brought Denise. Watching the VCD at the comfort of our living room would have been more enjoyable for me. But of course, this is never about me, isn't it?

Denise was totally thrilled!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 10, Milestone for Denise

December 10, 2006 marks an important milestone for Denise's development! She finally stopped after nursing for 2 years, 11 months and 13 days!!!

It was easier than I thought. I told her that "mummy has a baby and she needs to give mummy's milk to baby" and explained to her that she is old enough to eat other food and drink Milo but baby is very young; baby only drinks milk. Initially she says she will "share" but eventually agreed that she will "give" the milk-milk to baby! How sensible!

Since then, she has not been nursing at all!!! There are times that she will ask me if she can drink milk-milk, but when I remind her that baby needs milk, she will not ask anymore.

Like what Pastor Ulf prophesied about her during her baby dedication, "she will understand complicated things"... Indeed, at such a young age, she is already understanding complicated things...:)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Trip To KL

This week, we went to KL to celebrate Auntie Sharon's birthday. Denise was very excited as she was looking forward to visit her best friends, Nicole and Joshua. When we were there, she did not even want to go out with us. We just left her at their place and she played with them the entire day!!!

It was a 4 day trip that left us even more tired. Denise woke up with puffy eyes this morning. Must be due to the lack of sleep...:p

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daddy Away For Business Trip

JX has been away for business trip since Sunday. He is finally coming back tonight!!! Denise has been asking "where is Daddy" and "is he in Bangkok" etc... And she has been rather bored at home because Daddy is not around to play with her.

Finally I can tell her "Daddy is coming back tonight!" and we are fetching him from airport after CG. We are looking forward to all the presents he has bought....:)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Trip To The Market

This morning I brought Denise to the food centre for breakfast! She wanted to bring her "baby" along. She promised to push the trolley herself and that's a good way to ensure that she walks on her own. The entire trip was smooth except for a short while when she whined for ice-cream and refused to push her trolley...:)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomato Ketchup!

There's just something about Tomato Ketchup that it seems all kids are crazy about! One friend of mine told me her child will eat ANYTHING as long as she adds tomato sauce to it. Initially I taught that was funny until I discovered Denise's love for tomato sauce...

Whenever we bring Denise to fast food restaurant, she will ask for "sauce". And if we eat at home, she will go to the refrigerator and take out the bottle herself.

Yesterday, our couple friend ordered room service before their wedding banquet. Guess what came with the food? 4 BABY BOTTLES OF HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP!!! With our friends' permission, JX brought 1 home for Denise...:p

Now Denise has her personal bottle of Tomato Ketchup...:) See how cute it looks!

First Manicure Session

Denise was very fascinated by my nail polish. She volunteered to hold the bottle while I was applying them to my nails. Suddenly I had an inspiration! I asked her if she wanted some on her nails....:p

Guess what was her response? Can you see her pink finger nails?

Friday, November 03, 2006


Denise had fever on Monday night; had to bring her to the doctor on Tuesday. She was very obedient and cooperative. Doctor prescribed medicine for cough and running nose (the usual stuff). JX and myself took turns to look after her on Tuesday and Wednesday.

She went back to school on Thursday. When I picked her up, I saw her art & craft being displayed outside her classroom. Like a "kiasu" mum, I cannot help but compared her artwork with her classmates...:p

They are learning the letter "X" this week.

Hahah....comparing to the red one next to her, I must say Denise's purple X is a much nicer and neater one....!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Trip To The Arcade

Brought Denise to Marina Square last week and she was "attracted" to the sound and lights of an arcade. Have you seen a little girl on a Para-Para Dance machine?

Here you go... Denise dancing away to the demo music!


Last night, Denise finally walked down the aisle for Wee Boon and Dorcas' wedding...:) To be honest, I was not expecting that she will because before the Holy Matrimony, she refused to change into her dress!

However, before the banquet march-in, she was playing with the other flowergirl and the basket of rose petals when she suddenly told me that she wants to march-in. We did not even have a rehearsal! I just told her to walk beside the "jie-jie" and throw the petals on the red carpet.

When the music started, she walked and threw the petals like a pro! She just followed the red carpet and marched boldly to the front of the stage. Hahah...not bad for her first attempt!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Denise The Flowergirl

Denise's 1st Flowergirl experience was for Mike and Vina's wedding in May this year. She attended the rehearsal but refused to walk down during the Matrimony. Nicole had to do the "job" herself!

Then Willie and Jeslyn requested for her to be their Flowergirl early this month. They even bought her a very nice dress! However, I pre-warned them that she may be too shy to walk on actual day. Days before, we prepared Denise mentally and even promised her an ice-cream buffet!!! On the actual day? The other Flowergirl had to walk down with the Pageboy...hahha...

I noticed that even though Denise is an independent child; she tends to shy away when the attention is on her.

Despite all these "no-shows", Denise still have 2 more "guest appearances":-

- Oct 29 (Sun) Hyatt Hotel
- Dec 9 (Sat) Laguna Country Club

Watch out this space for updates if she eventually marches down the aisle!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Denise FIRST Arise & Build

Last Christmas, Francis and Cheng gave Denise a Piggy Bank. It is one of those clay piggy bank where you can design and paint it yourself. At that time, Denise was too young to paint on her own and I kept it in the storeroom instead.

During service last week, I was thinking of ways to get her involved in our coming Arise & Build and I was reminded of this piggy bank. Finally, it has come to great use! We will use it to save for Denise's FIRST CHC Arise & Build!!!

You can imagine her excitement when I took out the box. Without hesitation, she decided on a BLUE Piggy Bank. With my help, she added flowers, sun and other designs on it! We kept telling her that she must put money in to build God a GREAT House!

Her first contribution? $0.90 from JX...:)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Charity Car Wash

Pat's Schoolhouse is having their Charity Car Wash this week to raise funds for Chen Su Lan Children's Home. Parents are encouraged to drive in and have their cars washed at $20. As a supportive parent, I decided to register and pay $20 for my own daughter to wash my car....:p

Denise and her classmates were so excited! You can see their enthusiasm in the way they washed and scrubbed... Sure, it was fun and play for these toddlers but they were very serious with their work. They even scrubbed my car plate for me! I must say, with the help from their teachers, they did as good a job as those car wash you get from a petrol kiosk!

$20...well-spent for a good cause! I am sure it is an experience that Denise will not forget!

Happy Children's Day!!!

Oct 2 (Monday) was a school holiday. I decided to bring Denise to Auntie Bilin's condominium for a swim. It was something that I have always wanted to do with Denise. She was so excited! We reached the pool at 11.30a.m. Thank God it was cloudy and it was not that hot. We played and swam for about 1.5 hour.
By the time we reached home, she was tired.... And both of us took a long....long....nap! Haha....great way to zap her energy and tire her out....:)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Different Hairstyles

Playing "hairdresser" with Denise at home; trying out different hairstyles.

Funny Faces

Denise made some silly faces the other day... haha.....



Friday, September 15, 2006

Denise's Study & Play Area

This is the Study Area that JX has setup for Denise; a place where she does her drawing and colouring. It is also a little corner where we keep her books. See how busy she is working on her laptop!

This Kitchen Set is a gift from Mel; one of Denise's all-time favorite toy!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First "Makeover" Session

Look at Denise; the natural lady-in-making! She must have observed how I put on my make-up every morning... She ia a professional when it comes to using the right applicator for the right feature!

She even had her dangling earrings and pearl necklace on!

All ready for her dinner date!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

"Mummy, Please Don't Go..."

Last night was CG day. It was the first time Denise "begged" me not to leave her. "Mummy, please don't go..." She was whining all the way from the food centre to home. I carried her home, said goodbye and walked out of the house bravely. But knowing her, she calmed down quickly and even finished eating the WHOLE bowl of "ban mian" all by herself!

When I reached home at 10.45 p.m., she was already sleeping soundly on JX. In fact, that was how we used to calm her down when she was a baby. She was such a light sleeper that the only way to keep her sleeping for a long time was to put her on us! Look how she has grown!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back To School...Finally...

Today is a DAY OF CELEBRATION...for both Denise and myself! :)

After a week of rest, Denise is finally going back to school. She was so happy when she went to bed last night. It was easy waking her this morning. She wanted to wear her Barney dress and even carried her own school bag....:)

I thank God that we never had to struggle with leaving her in school or Playgroup in church. She always look forward to learning and socializing with other children. She makes it easy for us. We never had to feel bad leaving her behind; knowing that she will enjoy herself!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cycling "Outing"

Denise went for her first serious "riding" outing this evening. She was feeling better and I decided to bring her out for some fresh air. It started pouring when we went downstairs and she had to cycle at the void deck instead.

Ha ha...she got tired after cycling for a few rounds and probably think that pushing the bicycle is more fun than sitting on it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Absent From School Again!

I brought Denise to the doctor last night. He verified that the ONE and ONLY spot on her back was not chicken-pox (phew!). However, she was having a slight fever (37.4 degrees) and mild wheezing. Doctor gave her paracetemol, syrup for cough and runny nose. He said that it was most likely a mild case of bronchitis and should go away in a day or 2. Praise the Lord!!!

Well, today is my 31st birthday and I will be staying at home to fulfill my motherhood duty - to look after my princess... :)

This morning, she woke up asking me why can't she go to school. I took the opportunity to explain to her that she is not well and must take her medication if she wants to go back to school soon. Satisfied with my explanation, she gladly ate her breakfast and watch Playhouse Disney. Hahah....she'll never be bored at home!

I believe the explanation works because she was so co-operative when I asked her to take her medication. Have you ever seen a child looking so happy and excited taking her OWN medication? That's my SUNSHINE!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

First "MC" From School

Today is Denise FIRST "MC" from school. I brought her to school this morning and she was feverish, 37 degrees. Her teacher wanted me to monitor her at home as there were reported cases of chicken pox from school last week. As Monday is my off day from work, I gladly brought her home.

Ever since she started school, I do miss spending time playing with Denise. Even though I have the whole Monday to myself and can enjoy some privacy, I do miss her "nonsense" and presence (sometimes)...

It was divine that I arranged for the part-time cleaner to come today. I did not have to worry about doing the house chores while Denise is resting at home. After her lunch and nap, if she is still feverish, I intend to bring her to the doctor. In fact, I've already planned to bring her to Jurong Point for a walk later.

Meantime, she is entertaining herself with "Teacher Barney". One thing good about Denise is that she is always so bright and cheery... As a baby, she would smile and play as normal even when she was having a fever. One of my friends commented that she is so "SUNSHINE". Whether in sickness or in health, she definitely brightens up our lives... :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Denise = 2 yrs 7 mths 25 days

Denise is growing up... Last week I brought Denise back to Suntec nursery to visit Auntie Shirley and Auntie Liying. A friend's maid commented that she has grown up and is a very good girl now. I believe that going to school not only enriched her but also helped her to relate to others better. The teachers in Pat's really helped me monitor her behaviour and they do have a genuine passion for children. Yes, the school fees is steep; but for the benefit of my princess... It's all worth it!

After going to school, I noticed that Denise has learned a lot.
- She loves to sing. She sings songs from church, nursery rhymes from school and any songs she hears us play from the player.
- She is learning to spell her name.
- She knows that JX and my birthday are in June and August respectively.
- She learns alphabets from Letterland...
- And many more.

For parents who are thinking if they should put their children in school, YES! I read somewhere that young children are like dry sponges, they can absorb anything you throw at them, whether good or bad. Some form of learning is essential.

It is definitely rewarding seeing them grow up!

Recently, she took a picture with her friends in Suntec nursery. See how they have grown. From left to right: Danzel, Denise, Jadalyn and Christian. How adorable!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Denise @ NPD 2006

Yesterday (9 Aug 2006) was Singapore 41th National Day! The Strikeforce was performing and Tan Boon gave JX 3 NDP tickets. Days before National Day, we kept telling Denise that we are bringing her to see FIREWORKS!

We were all dressed in RED and reached the Stadium at 6pm. The entire event lasted about 2.5hr. We were so tired after that. Denise fell asleep on the way home and JX slept after taking his shower and dinner!

And me? I was unpacking the FUNPACK; see the amount of stuff they gave this year...:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Denise 2nd Haircut

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary! We started off our day by having breakfast with my Dad at Boon Lay Hawker Center. After breakfast, we decided to go for a walk. Guess what? We ended up bringing Denise for her 2nd haircut!

She was a real darling; did not make any fuss and was fully cooperative with every instruction the hairdresser gave - "look in front", "look down", "close your eyes", "don't move" etc.

The haircut only costs us $6 and the entire process lasted not more than 15mins and this is how she looks after that! Neat and pretty huh?

National Day Performance

Lately, Denise has been singing and dancing to some "national" songs at home; in preparation for her National Day performance in school. She has been singing "Singapura" and "We are Singapore" at home, shaking and jumping to the songs. JX even downloaded the songs from the Internet so that she can "practice". Parents were informed to dress their children in RED for the occasion.

The day finally came and I dressed Denise in the RED dress that Auntie Mel bought for her. I even wanted to take leave so that I can be there for her FIRST PUBLIC performance! My boss was kind enough to give me 2 hours off instead! I reached her school just in time to watch her class perform. What a thrill seeing Denise jumping, shaking and singing along with the music! She even had her face painted!

I was like a proud celebrity mum; keep snapping pictures and the teachers even tell me that Denise is a natural performer!

I am certainly looking forward to her next performance!

Monday, July 31, 2006

First Birthday (27 Dec 2004)

Recently I found the photos we took during Denise 1st birthday! I know this is kind of long over-due....:p

As Denise is the first grandchild for both JX and my family, her first birthday was quite a big deal for the grandparents. We decided not to invite her friends as she is too young and will not know what's happening anyway. However, we did invite a few of our close friends and their children: Kar Fai+Fong Loo+ Nicole, Tan Boon+Angela+Heidi(though she was still in Angela's stomache) and Wai+Siew Ying+Chloe.

Look at the spread of food my mother-in-law cooked for us! Yummy!

Denise received many presents and even had a BARNEY cake! It is Denise's gift from my mother-in-law. She ordered from Smiling Orchid which is supposed to be famous for their kids-themed cake. For her 2nd birthday, we bought her an ELMO cake. You can read more of her 2nd birthday in one of my earlier posts.