Monday, February 23, 2009

The Kids

Before you wonder..."I thought this is a blog for your children"... Let me end with something about the children.

Some pictures of them @ my mum's place and the nice view from my mum's house...:)

Yes, we can see the Singapore Flyer from my mum's place! Of course with the help of a great zoom, the Flyer looks so near...

Daddy trying to capture some artistic shot here...:p

Denise taking a shot of Debbie...haha.....

Dua Dai Ji @ The Arts House

Left the children at my mum's place on Sunday to catch a Chinese play @ The Arts House. We were there to support Danny Yeo! Took the opportunity to go dating at the Singapore River before the show...:)

We had our wedding photo shoot at the exact same spot 8 years old!!! Brought back so much memories when we were there...:) Same venue, same buildings, same man...but 8 years and 2 kids later...:) Any regrets? ABSOLUTELY NO!

Tai Ran's 6th Birthday Party - Kallang Ice World

Denise's classmates always have fun birthday parties! Last Sunday, it was Tai Ran's 6th birthday celebration @ the Kallang Ice World... ICE-SKATING!

The children were of course thrilled! As there were too many children, some parents became "assistant coaches". Hmm...I tried, but sorry no pictures because I was terrified myself...:p

The children were taught how to get up from a fall... Walk without assistance... And finally to try to form a line to "walk" together. Some kids were so brave; they just let go and move... As usual, Denise took a while to gain her confidence...

A beautiful strawberry cake!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waking Up In The Morning

Debbie has been waking up SO EARLY in the morning. Last week, for 2 mornings in a row, she woke up at 6am!!! She refused to stay in the room quietly. She wanted me to bring her out. So, I had to drag myself up... We decided to keep her awake in the night so that she will sleep through for a longer period. Subsequently, she woke up at about 8-830am. But this works for only a few days...

Last night she slept at 1030pm on the way home in the car... Guess what? She woke up at 520am!!! *argh*

And she wanted to take a shower.... *double faint*

In the end, JX and maid also woke up at 6am....on a SUNDAY!

Denise? Sound asleep like a log. Nothing, not even Debbie's screams will wake her up...:p


Anyone looking for child model?!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Debbie Posing Again!


Debbie caught the "dancing bug" too.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nathan's 2nd Birthday

Attended Nathan's 2nd birthday last Sunday. They have everything that a kid will look forward to...

- MacDonald's
- Bubbles
- Water Play
- Games
- Cakes...:)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another Chance

Sigh... Was so upset with my maid last night. Don't ask me about the incident because we have moved on and don't want to talk about it again.

Anyway, we were on the verge of sending her home. Denise was very sad. She cried and told me this...

"Mummy, when I do something wrong, teacher will always give me another chance. Can we give Kaka another chance please?"

How sweet! Anyway, not a life and death issue, we decided to keep her since Denise pleaded for her...

Monday Indulgence

Last Monday, JX and I left Debbie with my mum after sending Denise to school.

We had breakfast at Bugis and then watched Inkheart.

Did some shopping and walking... Lazy Monday... But something I would definitely do again... and again...:)

Minnie Mouse Clips

Denise's classmates' gave her a pair of hairclips. They are actually Minnie Mouse's ears when you pin it on... So cute!

Rex's Baby Shower

Attended Rex's baby shower at Rick and Jasmine's place last Sunday. Rex slept through the whole 3 hours of celebration...:) He only woke up for milk when we were leaving the place.

The bigger kids couldn't resist the pool. Denise and Reuben jumped in with their clothes on!

Well, for the next few weekends, we are already "fully booked" for baby showers and birthday parties!

- Feb 1, Rex's baby shower & Kaiser's baby shower
- Feb 7, Thomas' 1st birthday party
- Feb 8, Vera's baby shower & Nathan's 2nd birthday
- Feb 14, Jezanne's baby shower

Denise & Debbie

Debbie is learning to pose for photos now. Her favourite pose is tilting her head to the sides...:)