Monday, April 28, 2008

Blur Mummy

What's wrong with this picture? Nope!
- No one gave me free diapers...
- Neither did I get them from a sale...

I went to buy diapers for Debbie. Bought a pack of XL... What was I thinking??? Or was I even thinking...:p Too big!

Bought another pack the next day... A pack of L. Halfway through the pack, I realised that she is supposed to wear M.... Ops!

Eventually got the right size...

How can I be so blur?!!


See both kids keeping each other company at home!...:)

Talked to a mother of 3 recently. She is open to trying for No.4 but she dreads it when they fall sick. Sigh...with only 2; I already understand what she means.

On Friday, I was asked to bring Debbie home as there was a "string" of green mucus that flowed from her nose. In view of the recent HFMD and being a responsible parent, I took half day urgent leave and when home. All I could say was "TGIF - Thank God it's Friday!"Over the weekend, she started getting very cranky and drool ALOT!!! I attributed all these to her 2 teeth that is rather visible by now.

Last night (Sunday), Denise developed FEVER at night...:( Had to keep her away from school for a few days...

Took urgent child sick leave for the next days to let both of them recover fully...

No.3? Hmmmm...... I am still thinking about what my friends told me...:p

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Finally see 2 white spots on Debbie's lower gum... Yup! 2 pearly whites sprouting!

There goes the toothless grin pretty soon...:)

Car Seat

Have I mentioned that ever since I had to take over driving Denise and Debbie every morning, both my gals have been behaving like *ANGELS* in their carseats?

Denise will be eating or reading at the back, on her booster. Occasionally she will ask me for help, like unscrewing her water bottle cap, remove her biscuit from the wrapper etc... To keep her at the back, I make sure she is entertained with her choice of CD during the ride! Her current picks are either "When I Grow Up" or "High School Musical".

As for Debbie, I always make sure that I have enough toys to keep her occupied! She will have her "cow book" from Fisher and Price. When she is cranky, I will press the cow's nose and there will be lights and music to distract her. There is a "star" mobile for MORE music to entertain her. And if all else fails, I will sing the "The Cuppycake Song" :)

This song will always calm Debbie down without fail!

Driving with 2 kids is not as scary as I thought it would be...:) Thank God!


Had a scare last Friday when I went to see the doctor with Debbie. I was down with bad flu and cough! While the doctor was checking me, I gave Debbie her piece of bread, tied tightly in a plastic bag. I could hear her playing with the plastic bag while I turned my back for the doctor to check my lungs...

Suddenly Debbie gave a loud cry! She seems to be choking! I realised that she had tore the plastic bag and bitten off some bread...!!!

I felt lost! Immediately the doctor lifted her up and started patting her back. Debbie opened her mouth and I digged a piece of bread, sized about my last finger, from her mouth...:( I told the doctor if I was not in the clinic, I would have held her upside-down and start smacking her from the back... To my surprise, she said that was the right thing to do...

Praise God, Debbie was alright after that! For a moment, I felt lousy as a mother for not looking out for her... Sigh, one of those moments...:p

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy and Tired

Sorry to those who follow this blog faithfully... Mummy has been busy and very tired.

There have been many happenings and photos to blog about but eversince Daddy started his class in SOT (Bible School - School of Theology), our lives had turned topsy-turvy!

Mummy had to take over driving Denise to school every morning and then to office with Debbie. Picked up Denise after school and drive home so that Daddy can drive to his night class in Informatics... Well, so far, the kids have been behaving well in their car seat when Mummy is driving on the road...:)

And Mummy has just changed to a Blackberry that does not come with a camera... A lot of pictures to show...
- Joey's 2nd birthday;
- Ian's 5th birthday;
- Water Play in Vivo;
- Lunch at Marche...

Well, we will be back when Mummy finds time to upload those photos taken from our camera and Daddy's phone...:)