Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teacher's Day

Part of celebrating Teacher's Day in Pat's Schoolhouse, is to encourage parents to relief the teachers from teaching. You can do anything within that hour slot. I "thought" it would be quite fun and got myself into trouble.

First of all, I wanted to do balloon sculptures for the children but it was out of stock! I didn't have time to shop around as I left the buying till the night before. Last minute, I decided to do simple cookery. Use cookie moulds to cut out funny bread shapes, spread chocolate sauce all over it and eat it! How simple right? WRONG! Thank God my littlle helper, Ms Denise, was with me. She turned out to be that extra pair of hands that I badly needed. I forgot that these were 3 years old and there were 12 of them!!!

The parents before me did English story-telling. A granny after me did Chinese story-telling, and she was GOOD! So my choice of simple cookery and balloon sculpturing turned out to be quite a good choice :)

I couldn't get the usual better brand so I settled for something less from N*UC :p Burst a few... You can see that I tried very hard to make the children keep quiet.

Finally, I was just SO GLAD that the hour was up! I appreciate ALL preschool teachers! Tough job you have!!!

Barney Space Adventure

A friend gave me 6 tickets to Barney Space Adventure held at Singapore Expo recently. As the older kids were no longer interested in Barney, I invited Debbie's friend - Aaron to the show.

The props and actions were brighter and bigger as compared to the one I brought Denise to 3 years back. I guess they have improved :)

It was a Sunday afternoon and the hall was almost full! Children sitting nearer to the front were invited to crowd around at the front of the stage. Debbie was busy dancing along while Aaron couldn't keep still. He was literally walking from one end of the stage to the other :p

Outing @ Chinese Garden

Bought kids to Chinese Garden with the Sngs and Tans on Monday. Free admission as there was no lantern exhibition this year. Had a long and hot night walk...:)

The last time I visited Chinese Garden was probably more than 20 years ago! In the middle of the Garden were 8 statues; they were the ancient Chinese heroes which I studied when I was doing Chinese Literature in RVPS. Maginificant and nice under the moonlight!

We probably spent the most time in the Chinese Zodiac garden :) We were busy looking for our Zodiac signs. Denise was afraid of getting near them and would only take 1 with Isaac.

Ended the day with playing FIRE!!! Well, under parental supervision. It's something that we, the parents, agree that we enjoyed the most in the past....:p