Monday, November 19, 2007

Back from Hong Kong Trip

We are back!!! So sorry, Mummy has been busy clearing her work... Do visit soon as she is almost done with the photos and videos we took in Hong Kong...:)

Here is a quick preview...

On-board SQ862 to Hong Kong*1st night in Tsim Sha Tsui*
"Yum Cha"
A day in Ocean Park
Family photo with the Mascot
Authentic "hong kong style" breakfast
Look how thick the toast is...:p
Night scene at the harbour

Shopping at Mongkok "Ladies Market"
Breakfast @ Cafe Mickey
2nd day @ Disneyland - Denise & Dad on Utopia
Results of our shopping...:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Denise in HMV

The last time Denise was in HMV she was only 2 years old.

2 weekends ago, we brought her to Heeren. This time she saw High School Musical CD and could put on her own headphones and choose the sound tracks. I even managed to record a little of her dancing to the music...:p

Denise & Nicole

Denise and Nicole only meet once a month and sometimes even once every 2-3 MONTHS because Nicole stays in KL. But whenever they are together, they behave like best of friends! Strange because their friendship is not built upon spending alot of time together... I guess it's the same for the friendship between their parents!

Denise is very much influenced by Nicole. When Nicole loves Little Enstein, Denise loves Little Enstein. When Nicole wears Princess pajamas, Denise wants to wear Princess pajamas... This time when Nicole saw that Denise has a pink hangbag from Fox, she also wanted one...:) Do you notice that they even have the similar dress sense? (Denise chose this outfit herself...:)...)

This December when JX goes to KL for his Annual Conference, I will be bringing Denise and Debbie to KL. I am sure Denise will have a crazy time playing with her friends (Nicole, Joshua and Kellyn!!!)

Sitting Position

I noticed that Debbie likes to cross her legs. Whether is it in her bathtub or when we sit her on the sofa, she will naturally cross her legs...:)
In case, you start thinking that she is so "smart" as to know how to sit now... This position is only used when JX wants to do something and had to put her down for a while. BUT I always tell him "never leave Debbie unattended". One of these days, she may start wiggling and may fall off the sofa...:(