Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Denise's 7th Birthday Celebration

Denise's birthday celebration started in November on the last day of school.

We bought cupcakes from Crystal Jade and had a simple celebration during recess time.

To take advantage of her Swensens Kid's Club membership, we went there THRICE to have dessert in December :)

On her actual day, Denise had complimentary "Firehouse" from Swensens.

Part of her celebration includes watching Yogi Bear :)

The day before her actual day, we invited some of her friends over for a mini-celebration. We took the opportunity to invite our friends over to our new place. Not a house-warming; but more of like sharing the joy of moving into a new place with them :)

Magician Shiny Shawny entertained the children.

Simple food - Nasi Lemak from Qiji

Goodie bags; bought and prepared with the help of D3 and D4!

Happy Birthday Denise!!!