Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Surprise From JX!

Cannot resist blogging about this... JX bought me a LV bag today! It comes with a LV padlock.

This is supposed to be my Wedding Anniversary and Birthday present.

But most of all, tomorrow is my Dad's 1st year Death Anniversary and JX told me he wants to cheer me up...:) My Dad bought me my first Coach handbag and now my husband bought me my first LV bag... I love the "men" in my life :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Orchard Central

Orchard Central; also known as the tallest vertical mall in Singapore. It is 12 storey above ground with 2 basement levels. Went there with Denise last Tuesday when JX went for his meeting.

The escalator outside the mall travels from level 1 to 3! It was long.... But nothing much yet. Probably only 30% ready.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mount Faber

We drove up to Mount Faber recently. These photos were taken by Denise...:)

It was a HOT afternoon! But the view was superb!

We took the cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa. The last time we took one was last November when we went to Hong Kong Ocean Park.

The view was awesome, especially the Sentosa IR! The project is massive!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dinner @ Waraku

Read from Edmund's blog that Waraku @ Cuppage is having a 50% promotion from 18-21 Jun...:) It is our favourite Japanese restaurant, so we decided to go there for dinner tonight!

The place was crowded but we managed to get a table within 10mins! The staff were very friendly; Denise and Debbie were given a toy each...:) To take advantage of the offer, we ordered all our favourite dishes!

Yummy!!! For the amount of food we ate, we only paid $54! Then I realised that we ordered 2 plates of "bacon quail egg" but only 1 of it was given a 50% discount. I highlighted to the waitress. Not only did she minus off the 50%, she even gave me a full refund of the dish as an act of goodwill. In other words, I actually had 2 plates of "bacon quail egg" for free! Final bill - $46!!!

Haha...definitely my favourite Japanese restaurant...:)

Took this candid shot at Taipei 101 recently. It came with a certificate indicating the date we went up the building...:)

Guitar Hero

Photo evidence that we are a ROCKING FAMILY.... haha....

Celebrity Weekend

Last weekend was Celebrity galore at City Harvest...:) It was amazing seeing many of them performing and sharing their testimonies to glorify God!

This is the 2nd time I met Vanness Wu. Cool! I heard 1 Japanese fan heard that he was performing in CHC; flew to Singapore just to see him...

F.I.R. - Fantastic and powerful vocal! Definitely the best act...:)

My CG members - My favourite!

Niu Nai - Talented chap!!

Ye Yongmei - my new found DJ friend...:)

Genecia Luo - my beauty queen friend...:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pat's Schoolhouse 21st Anniversary Carnival

Pat's Schoolhouse celebrated their 21st Anniversary last Saturday at Fort Canning. We met up with a few of her classmates. It started with a time of food, then games...

We met the Tays and the children were delighted when they saw their teacher, Ms Wendy...:)

It was Debbie's first time on the bouncy castle! She was very excited in the beginning. But she got frightened when the older children started to jump! And I really mean JUMP!

One of the highlight for Denise was the bouncy castle too! What a tiring day.... After that I had to rush to church for the Celebrity event...:)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jacelyn's Birthday Party

We were invited to Jacelyn's surprise birthday party last Thursday! She was told that we were going to meet for BS but was brought to the Singapore Flyer instead! Of course, the CG was waiting to give her a surprise there...:)

This is our 1st CG photo...:) Our CGL, Pastor Tan, couldn't make it... And for those members that missed this photo opportunity; we will definitely be taking another one again.

JX was nursing a lower back muscle pull; so I brought Denise along instead. She enjoyed herself so much that she knocked out on the way home...:)

We went up the Singapore Flyer before dinner! It's the 2nd time Denise and I took the Flyer. The sight was awesome! We sang Jacelyn a birthday song when we reached the top.

Everyone was so excited! The atmosphere was very light and easy.

Dinner was at Seafood Paradise. The food was yummy!!! What can I say? I even forgot to take a picture of the ribs and fish before I ate them...:p The food was nice and the service was great... Maybe it was because we had a "special" birthday girl in our midst...haha...

Ryan's 7th Birthday Party

Denise attended a birthday party at Build-A-Bear Workshop last Sunday. It was Ryan's 7th birthday celebration. Less than 10 friends were invited and Denise was one of the "lucky" few to be invited...:p

The party started with a few group games and then the FUN began...

Denise chose a pink T-shirt for her bear and she named her "Tiara"... What a name! She probably got the inspiration from one of the character in HSM3.

Denise and "Tiara"...:)

7 Jun - JX's Birthday Party

JX celebrated his birthday on 7 Jun (Sun). This year was special because it is the first time he had so many people celebrating for him. His zone stayed back after service to sing him a birthday song...:) His leaders were so sweet! They actually planned his birthday celebration 1 month before...

The members wrote their greetings on "post-its" and Madeline did a large birthday poster with the "post-its" and the individual CG photos! The CGLs and his personal CG bought him a Wii!!! And I bought him GuitarHero Complete Band Set! So far, it has become a family activity at home...:)

The greatest surprise was on Sunday when the CGL came to our place to "plant" a surprise birthday party. They ordered food, decorated the function room and had to wait for more than 1 hour because I had difficulty trying to get JX to go to the pool... Haha... He was actually packing and filing his admin reports...:p

When he finally came, what a shock he got! Thanks to everyone, especially the CGLs, for making this birthday such a memorable one for him!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My BB Accident - Pt 2

I forgot to add that even though I lost my BB; I managed to salvage my KEYS. While the BB slid and rolled off the car, the keys got stuck in the gap between my rear windscreen and boot...:p

So not all is lost... At least there's something to rejoice about...:) Haha

Monday, June 08, 2009

My BlackBerry Met With An Accident

Was thinking if I want to blog about this... But I decided I need to record the lessons I learnt from the incident.

JX wanted to to recce a restaurant at Mount Faber for his zone event. So we went with the kids, intending to bring them for a Cable Car ride.

I usually put my BB and keys ON TOP of the car while putting Debbie into her carseat... Well you guessed it! This time, I LEFT THEM THERE and JX drove off... It was not until we reached AYE that we heard something hit the boot and fell off the car...:( I turned my head and saw something red and orange rolled off... Yes, my orange BB cover... We were still wondering what hit us from above when I suddenly remembered, it was my phone!!!

Immediately JX stopped the car by the roadside and said he will help me get it back! He left the car and started walking back... I was still in a shock and then I imagined him whizzing past the trucks and heavy vehicle, and then reports of how people were killed along expressways came into my mind. I was thinking he is too important than having the BB back...

I left the kids and maid in the car; placed the hazard triangle behind the car and walked back to find JX. We stopped after the Alexandra flyover and I have to walk back to the AYE ERP gantry to catch up with JX... It was a horrifying experience walking along the shoulder with the heavy traffic zooming past us.

When I finally found JX, we saw my orange BB cover flying along the 2nd lane...:p But the BB was no longer in sight. We saw some metal parts; it was probably the "remains" of my phone. Almost did a funeral there...:p

I told JX the reason I came after him is to stop him from getting the phone for me. He is more important to me than for him to risk his life for my phone. Even if the phone is lying there, I wouldn't let him run across the highway to retrieve it. I felt so stupid for leaving the phone on top of the car, and I also realised that JX wants nothing more than for me to feel happy... Even when he does not know how he can get the phone back for me; it probably means risking his life for it...:(

We walked back to the car together... The horrifying thoughts of bad news reports I read of how cars were hit when they stopped at the shoulder came to my mind. I was praying hard that the hazard triangle works... I was secretly rejoicing when I finally saw the car and the kids safe inside.

Well, a few lessons I learnt...
1) Never leave your phone on top of your car...:p
2) My husband will do anything to make me happy
3) Relationship is more important than material goods. I can always buy another phone; but I only have 1 husband...:)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Day 6 in Taipei (photo)

The last stop and probably the highlight of Denise's trip has to be BabyBoss. We chanced upon it on our way to 五分埔! Definitely better than another round of shopping!

This place allows the children "to be who they want to be". Every kid needs an accompanying and paying adult. It costs NT900 for a child ticket and NT500 for an adult ticket (Foreigners enjoy a 20% discount!). The child is immersed in a "city" where they work to earn money. They can choose to spend the money in the "city" or save it in a "bank account". As we are only visiting, I didn't open a BabyBoss bank account for Denise...:)

There are altogether 57 stations and you will NEVER be able to complete all of them in one day!

Visited their toilet. Oh man! Hello Kitty toilet and tap! Before we left, we even get to meet the mascots. Look at our lunch! For NT25 more, it comes in a cute lunchbox!

1st stop: Hospital nursery. Denise learns how to carry, feed and put her baby down in her cot.

2nd stop: Convenience store. She had to greet customers, arrange the products on displaying shelves, learn how to operate the cashier and thank the customers for patronising the store.

3rd stop: Pizza Kitchen. She gets to make her own pizza for BB$35 (BB$ - BabyBoss dollar). From making the dough, putting the ingredients to toasting it in the oven, the children get to experience how to make their own pizza. It comes complete in a lunchbox. As it was lunchtime, it became Denise's lunch...:)

4th stop: Airline. This was probably her favourite! She became one of the flight attendent on TransAsia Airways (復興航空). The boys can choose to be pilots. Every parent was given a boarding pass. When we were onboard, the children role-play. Some will demostrate the use of life-jackets and some served us blankets and magazine. Exactly like how it would be on an airplane...:)

5th stop: Beauty salon. Over here, Denise gets to be a manicurist and then have her nails painted by another "manicurist". It was something that she always wanted to do.

6th stop: Construction site. Due to lack of time, I suggested that Denise "worked" at the construction site as it has the shortest duration; 25mins. It will end at the same time as when her next station starts. Of course, she was relunctant as she just PAINTED her nails. But in the name of "don't waste time", she went ahead with my suggestion. As you can see, she was not really smiling...:p I guess she was more concerned about her nails...:)

7th stop: Hospital ambulance department. See how she is smiling again after the construction station...:p This time she was super-excited. She gets to sit in the ambulance with the other children. Their mission was to rescue a 6 yr old "girl" who has fallen and injured herself!

All in all, she covered 7 stations and with the money she earned, she attended the pizza-making course and bought herself a packet of milk!

I love this place! The concept is to cultivate independence in every child. So fun so fun!!! A must-visit for all children...:)

Day 5 in Taipei (photos)

Breakfast at the hotel. Simple spread; porridge and western selection. But the menu changes everyday.

While JX went to cut his hair at Ed's salon, I brought the children to Toy R Us at New York New York.

This is JX and his new hairstyle...:) Probably the most expensive salon visit in his life... Haha...

Went for more shopping at 京华城. Denise and Debbie posing with the HUGE Crocs...:)

The highlight of Denise's trip was BabyBoss on Day 6.