Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Love Summer

Thank you, 姑姑, for this beautiful outfit from USA! Debbie is still too small to fit into hers.

If you are reading this, Daddy and Mummy would not mind having a free iPhone or handbag from Coach or Kate Spade...:p

High School Musical

Denise loves High School Musical. She has the movie DVD, sound tracks and even the concert DVD...:) When we knew that The Ice Tour is coming to Singapore, we decided that we will bring her there.

Wanted to buy the Category 3 tickets but missed the deadline for 20% discount. Since there was no hurry to buy, I decided to put-off the purchase. Then one friend offered me 2 free tickets from his corporate client. I was thrilled as it means that Denise would most likely have better seats than Catergory 3....(I hope so...:p)

So we are looking forward to the Aug 6th (Wed) show in Singapore Expo!

Debbie Loves Barney

Debbie has caught the "barney" bug. She loves to watch Barney and when she sees one, she will go "bar-bar"... In fact, she learnt to call "barney" even before she could call "mummy"....:)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Conversation With Denise

Conversation 1:

On the way to school, along Thomson Road. I think she recognizes that it's the same route we took to visit 外公 in Assisi Hospice.

Denise: "Mummy, why can't 外公 come back from heaven?"

Mummy: "When 外公 reaches heaven, he will see Jesus. And he will want to stay with Jesus in heaven."

Denise: "I know, when we grow old, we will also see Jesus right?"

Mummy: "Yes"

Conversation 2:

On our way back from her Swimming Lesson on Saturday, she suddenly turned to me and said this.

Denise: "Mummy, when 外公 closes his eyes and wakes up again, he will see Jesus right?"

Mummy: "Yes"

Denise: "He will ask Jesus "where is my daughter" and Jesus will tell him "she is still in"....ummm...."

Mummy: "Singapore"

Denise: "Yah, Singapore. One day, she will come and meet you in heaven" right?

Mummy: "Yes"

*sob* *sob*..... I want to go heaven to see my father....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Outing At Raffles Marina

My Dad wanted his ash to be scattered into the sea. So after collecting his ash last Saturday, the entire family, with Pastor Ming, set out from Raffles Marina to fulfill his wish! Mel's friend, Ryan, was gracious enough to bring us out on his yatch.

God is good! The weather was perfect for a quiet family outing and the scenery was simply breath-taking! The sunset was amazingly beautiful that evening!

Alvin was appointed to scatter the ash into the sea. By the way, Pastor Ming was not checking his sms, he was reading a Scripture from his Blackberry!

We managed to take some nice photos too...

It was a nice finale to a tiring week for the entire family! We will definitely go out to the sea again!

For more pictures, follow the link (

Debbie's New Toy

This is our birthday gift for Debbie. It's a little house and we bought additional 75 balls to fill it! It still looks a little empty; we intend to buy another 100 balls and perhaps a tunnel for her to crawl through...:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Debbie's 1st Birthday - Pt 2

CG celebrated Debbie and Jezelle's birthday last night. Mervyn and Jenny bought them a very nice BARNEY cake!

Debbie seems to know that the attention is on her. She was so excited when we sang her the "Happy Birthday" song.

Look at the number of children we have in the CG!

CG bought her a "pull-and-walk" toy. This will come in handy when she starts to learn how to walk unsupported.

Thank you everyone for making it special for Debbie!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Debbie's 1st Birthday (10th July 2008)

The entire family was exhausted after the funeral. After a day of rest, we decided to go out for a nice dinner and celebrate Debbie's birthday at the same time.

Went to Globetrotters at United Square and I must say their food has improved a great deal since the last time we were there. Then we went to Starbucks for a mini-celebration. Couldn't buy a whole cake; we bought many different slices to share among us instead.
Happy Birthday Debbie! You bring so much joy into our lives...:)

Swimming Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Denise learnt to kick in water and how to balance in water with a float.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Loss Of A Good Man (1 July 2008)

My father went home with the Lord on 1 Jul 2008. I gave the Eulogy on Thursday and this was what I shared.

"My Pastor shared this on Father’s Day this year.

1) A good father has a respected position
2) A good father has a wonderful plan
3) A good father provides
4) A good father pardons
5) A good father protects
6) A good father reflects the character and goodness of our heavenly Father

I can’t help but remember my Dad when I heard this that day.

He was not just a good father; but a good husband, father-in-law, grandfather, brother and friend. He was a good man!

When a neighbor heard that he has passed away, she told my brother “Your Dad is a good man!”

One relative came and visited him in the hospital. She says “You can see the success of a man by the people that surrounds him during his last days.”

The entire family and many relatives and friends visited and accompanied him till his very last day. There wasn’t a moment he was alone as the children will take turns to overnight with him in the hospital. We didn’t want him to open his eyes and find none of us around.

Even relatives from Ipoh and KL traveled to Singapore just to visit him when he was in the hospital. A few even had to make new passports just to visit him for a day!

He was a good man!

Before he got very ill, he told us that after he gets better and discharge, he wants to start going to church and experience God.

Even though he never made it after that, I was glad that in the last 2 months, when he was still conscious, he got saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit (with the evident of speaking in tongues) and eventually water baptized. My dad experienced God. And he now continues that walk with Jesus in heaven.

We will miss him greatly. But our comfort comes from knowing that he has gone to a better place where there is no more need for hospital visits, medication and pain. My dad does not like to be restricted; he has gone to a better place where he gets a new body, is free and is now walking again!

Earth lost a great man; but heaven has become a better place because of him.

Thank you!"

Mel, my elder sister, shared hers on Friday in Mandarin and dedicated a song to him. My sister was intending to bring my Dad to karaoke and sing this song with him. (Get ready your tissue...)

And a BIG THANK YOU to all the relatives and friends that came and supported my family during this difficult period. Especially to Pastors and friends from City Harvest, you guys are a GEM!!! My sister commented that she experienced the real demonstration of what love is all about!