Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Conversations with Denise

#1 - On the way home, in the car with Daddy.

JX: Will you still love Daddy when Daddy is old like 爷爷?

Denise: But I don't like old people...

Denise (holding JX's hand): I will still love you Daddy.

When JX told me about the conversation, I told him that Denise has began to understand that when people grow old, they will die and go to heaven. So she does not like the idea of us growing old.

#2 - On our way home from dinner.

Denise: Mummy, I don't want you to grow old.

Mummy: But everyone will grow old.

Denise: Ok. And I will see you in heaven right?

Mummy: Yes, we will still see everyone in heaven.

After a pause...

Denise: Can you teach me how to press the numbers on the TV first?


Mummy: No worries, by then you will also grow up and be a mummy. You will have to teach your children how to operate the TV.

Denise's 5th Birthday Celebration - Pt 2

On Denise's actual birthday, Dec 27, Aunty Mel bought 4 slices of cakes from TCC for Denise. She came to our place for a short while before going for wake-boarding at Raffles Marina.

Then at night, after service, we went to Swensen's at T2 for dinner with some friends. We managed to convince the Manager that it was Denise's actual birthday without having to produce documentation proof...:) So, Denise had a complimentary Firehouse Happy Birthday Ice-cream...:)

*sorry, no photos to show bcos I took a few with my BB Curve; but have not transferred the photos to my laptop*

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Captured this shot with our new DCS-H10. Would never be able to capture such a shot with our old FE-230...:p

Heard and read so much about Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, but I was a little disappointed. Guess I was expecting too much...:p It is one of those places where I will visit only once in a blue moon...
Even IMM's waterplay area is more exciting than the one in Jacob Ballas. Haha...

But it's a good place for me to test out our new camera. Good and sharp shots!

New Camera *Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10*

Sold our 1.5 yr old Olympus FE-230 on Ebay...:) With $120 vouchers and $150 cash on hand, we bought our Sony Cyber-shot (semi-pro series) DSC-H10 at a steal!

Free gifts: 2 4G Memory Stick, Carrying Case, Cleaning Kit, Screen protector, Mini-tripod and Sony Digital Workshop course.

Bringing the kids to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden; will have sharp photos to post...:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Visit to Omni-Theatre

JX brought Denise to Omni-Theatre with KW and Joshua on Sunday. They were showing "The Alps". It is a gripping story of human courage and resilience, The Alps follows a young mountain-climber, John Harlin III, in his journey to the peak of the Eiger, a beautiful yet deadly mountain in the Swiss Alps. Often translated as the Ogre, the Eiger is one of the most perilous mountains in the world. It has claimed countless mountaineers' lives, including John's own father.

In The Alps, John sets out to confront his painful legacy to conquer his fear by conquering the summit of the Eiger. Wow! Talking about confronting your FEAR...

Then we brought the kids for waterplay outside Science Centre. Debbie joined them too!

Lastly, a "kodak" moment with the T-Rex outside Mac...:)

4th Hair Cut

Went to Red Star for dim sum with my mum and step-father on Sunday morning. Chanced upon a hair salon that charges $6 for a hair cut. JX wanted a cut and Denise joined him... In fact, this is Denise's 4th haircut in 5 years...:p
And it only costs us $14 for 3 people!!! Denise-$2 + JX and maid-$6 each...
Hmm....I recently had a haircut at Kimarie for $36....:p

Cupcake Maker

When Denise saw the Cupcake Maker in Taka, she wanted me to buy for her but I refused to. I told her not to buy any toys during Christmas as she will be receiving A LOT of presents. Sure enough, she did not receive one but TWO Cupcake Maker...:p Managed to change one of it to more cupcake ready mix so that she can make more cupcakes...:)

Actually I think I enjoyed the baking more than her...:)

Monday, December 15, 2008

K1 Scrapbook

This is Denise's K1 scrapbook from school. It is a simple summary of what she did in school this year. Next year will be her last year in Pat's Schoolhouse. English teacher, Ms Wendy, will be teaching them again. Apparently, she is both the students and parents' favourite teacher...:)

High School Musical 3 Dance Mat

The first birthday present Denise opened and probably one of her favourite. HSM 3 Dance Mat from Aunty Abi...:)

Notice her braided hair? Barbie Hair Tool....another birthday present!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Denise's 5th Birthday Celebration - Pt 1

Denise's actual birthday falls on the 27th of December. As usual, we celebrated it 2 weeks earlier with her friends. Last year, her birthday present from Aunty Mel (my sister) was a MacDonald Birthday Party. This year, Aunty Mel chartered a Hippo Bus for her...:)

Our beautiful pink bus departed at 1030am. Thank God the weather was good. At certain point, it was a little hot, but overall, the trip was enjoyable.

We opted for the Heritage Tour. Thus the bus brought us past Little India, Kampong Glam and the Padang. After which, the highlight for the children must be the stop-over at MACDONALDS!!!

We had our lunch at Kallang MacDonalds. It was a blessing in disguise that I couldn't book the party room. As the restaurant was not crowded, we managed to have everyone comfortably seated together in the restaurant. Denise had a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 birthday cake. As I was busy putting the candles, didn't manage to take any pictures of the cake-cutting and birthday song singing. I'm waiting for some kind parents to email them to me....:p

It was not an easy task to want to take a group photo of SO MANY children!!! Well, we tried...

Of course, the most exciting part has to be the opening of presents! Thank you everyone for your generosity! I hope that you have enjoyed the celebration as much as we did...:)

Watching TV

When it comes to Debbie, we are more relaxed in her exposure to TV programs. Caught her watching Fun Song Factory while waiting for us to get ready for church. She was so engrossed and would even waved her hands and sing along...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Visit to the Dragon Kiln

A few months back, Denise school organised an outing to the Guan Huat Dragon Kiln, located off Jalan Bahar.

A little history....
In the early 1980's Singapore still had three Dragon Kilns, Sam Mui Kwang, Thow Kwang and Guan Huat. The latter two remain today, while the former gave way to urbanization.In 2001, this Dragon Kiln was saved through a joint effort.

The Singapore Tourism Board financed and project-managed the restoration of the kiln and roof, the then Ministry of Information & the Arts secured the title deed, and URA gave approval for the site as a pottery park-cum-arts education centre. Other participants were National Heritage Board, the then Land Office, and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.In 2004, Focus Ceramic Services won the tender to run the kiln as a pottery arts centre.

The Guan Huat Dragon Kiln measures 43 metres long, 2.2 metres high and 2.5 metres wide. In the past the dragon kiln was fired fortnightly to meet the demand for latex cups needed by the rubber plantations which surrounded the area around Jalan Bahar. Other wares fired in this kiln included water containers, pipes, flower pots and crockery. Flower pots became very saleable in the early 1970s. Decreasing demands for such wares was the main reason for its closing down.

The children saw pottery demostration and even had a change to do some simple pottery which they can bring home!