Monday, October 30, 2006

A Trip To The Arcade

Brought Denise to Marina Square last week and she was "attracted" to the sound and lights of an arcade. Have you seen a little girl on a Para-Para Dance machine?

Here you go... Denise dancing away to the demo music!


Last night, Denise finally walked down the aisle for Wee Boon and Dorcas' wedding...:) To be honest, I was not expecting that she will because before the Holy Matrimony, she refused to change into her dress!

However, before the banquet march-in, she was playing with the other flowergirl and the basket of rose petals when she suddenly told me that she wants to march-in. We did not even have a rehearsal! I just told her to walk beside the "jie-jie" and throw the petals on the red carpet.

When the music started, she walked and threw the petals like a pro! She just followed the red carpet and marched boldly to the front of the stage. Hahah...not bad for her first attempt!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Denise The Flowergirl

Denise's 1st Flowergirl experience was for Mike and Vina's wedding in May this year. She attended the rehearsal but refused to walk down during the Matrimony. Nicole had to do the "job" herself!

Then Willie and Jeslyn requested for her to be their Flowergirl early this month. They even bought her a very nice dress! However, I pre-warned them that she may be too shy to walk on actual day. Days before, we prepared Denise mentally and even promised her an ice-cream buffet!!! On the actual day? The other Flowergirl had to walk down with the Pageboy...hahha...

I noticed that even though Denise is an independent child; she tends to shy away when the attention is on her.

Despite all these "no-shows", Denise still have 2 more "guest appearances":-

- Oct 29 (Sun) Hyatt Hotel
- Dec 9 (Sat) Laguna Country Club

Watch out this space for updates if she eventually marches down the aisle!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Denise FIRST Arise & Build

Last Christmas, Francis and Cheng gave Denise a Piggy Bank. It is one of those clay piggy bank where you can design and paint it yourself. At that time, Denise was too young to paint on her own and I kept it in the storeroom instead.

During service last week, I was thinking of ways to get her involved in our coming Arise & Build and I was reminded of this piggy bank. Finally, it has come to great use! We will use it to save for Denise's FIRST CHC Arise & Build!!!

You can imagine her excitement when I took out the box. Without hesitation, she decided on a BLUE Piggy Bank. With my help, she added flowers, sun and other designs on it! We kept telling her that she must put money in to build God a GREAT House!

Her first contribution? $0.90 from JX...:)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Charity Car Wash

Pat's Schoolhouse is having their Charity Car Wash this week to raise funds for Chen Su Lan Children's Home. Parents are encouraged to drive in and have their cars washed at $20. As a supportive parent, I decided to register and pay $20 for my own daughter to wash my car....:p

Denise and her classmates were so excited! You can see their enthusiasm in the way they washed and scrubbed... Sure, it was fun and play for these toddlers but they were very serious with their work. They even scrubbed my car plate for me! I must say, with the help from their teachers, they did as good a job as those car wash you get from a petrol kiosk!

$20...well-spent for a good cause! I am sure it is an experience that Denise will not forget!

Happy Children's Day!!!

Oct 2 (Monday) was a school holiday. I decided to bring Denise to Auntie Bilin's condominium for a swim. It was something that I have always wanted to do with Denise. She was so excited! We reached the pool at 11.30a.m. Thank God it was cloudy and it was not that hot. We played and swam for about 1.5 hour.
By the time we reached home, she was tired.... And both of us took a long....long....nap! Haha....great way to zap her energy and tire her out....:)