Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mars Needs Moms

Was invited by Klessis to watch the preview of Mars Needs Moms. The entire family went and these were what they had to say...

Daddy (cheekily) : The moral of the story is "if you listen to your Mom, the martians will take them"

Mummy (not happy with what Daddy said) : The moral of the story is "Daddy always come home late from work"

D3 : 3D movie was fun! (this is the family's first 3D movie)

D4 : What movie? The one with the picture near my face?

Maid : Very touching; especially the twist at the ending

Parents, bring your children to teach them to appreciate their mothers, especially the primary schoolers, since it's their term break next week. And if they do not want the mothers, the martians want them ;)

Here's the official trailer of the movie.

Babies Galore

Baby Summer (Ivan * Audrey)

Baby Olivia (Henry * Siew Yan)

Baby Zac (Adren * Sharon)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Debbie - CNY Performance

This is Debbie's 2nd CNY Performance in Pat's Schoolhouse. Ms Mayce, her English teacher, commented that she was one of the best dancer in class :) We are not too sure where did she get the genes from... If you noticed, she was also singing along!