Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Faces Of Denise

Performing In Asia Conference

Denise performed at the Parade of Minstry during the recent Asia Conference. She was the only K1, posing as a primary school student...:) The rest of the children wore their own school uniform. As Pat's Schoolhouse has no uniform, I had to borrow from a friend.

I always think that Denise would look good in Fairfield uniform....:) So, I managed to borrow a set for her...:) Try to spot her wearing yellow and blue at the end of the video!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Debbie is 16 months and 2 weeks now. She has started to self-feed. When she was younger, she refused to wear any bib. Ever since she started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she would allow us to put on the Mickey Mouse bibs we bought for her from Hong Kong Disneyland....:)

Notice how wide she opens her mouth... That helps her to "aim" her spoon directly into her mouth...:)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Swimming Lesson

Denise is getting more confident in the pool now. She can put her head under water and blow bubble. She still has difficulty doing her kicks in the pool. This week, they learnt how to do breaststroke kicks. Hopefully she can start swimming soon...

Sentosa Outing

Went Sentosa with the Chai's and Chng's last Sunday. Perfect weather for a family beach outing! Managed to find a shady spot near the water play area. Showering the children was a challenge though!

Took the opportunity to dress Denise in her *bikini*