Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Furniture shop in class

In school I am opening a furniture shop in class. I am doing it as a group. I love doing it in class with my group.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A 10-10-10 Wedding

It was not the "biggest" wedding I have coordinated (my boss had 1000 pax turnout for his Holy Matrimony at then Hollywoon Theatre). But this was definitely BIG considering the many VIPs that were coming and the media turnout for the wedding. To make things more complicated, we only had 2 months to put everything together, as the venue was confirmed last minute :)

Guestlists, gowns and suits, wedding invites, confirming menu, engaging videographer and photographer, forming a team of helpers, logistics, wedding video, special items, music etc etc etc... what took most couples at least a year to plan, we did it in 2 months! Thank God "Mr Murphy" was not invited and did not turn up! Everything went as planned and it was a beautiful wedding!

Denise and Debbie were tasked to be the flowergirls. There were 6 of them and their dresses were sponsored by Sattine Bridal Couture. The girls were overly-excited during the day. And when it was time for March-in, Debbie fell asleep :p

Even though she missed the March-in, she did not miss out on photo opportunities! Many people shot pictures of her while she was playing during the dinner. A 3 year old simply looks too cute and adorable in a full flowergirl dress :)

Denise was also on her "spree" to spot celebrities and asking for photo opportunites. Her favourites were Yvonne Lim, Mark Lee, Pat Mok and of course Belinda Lee. She even went up to Pat Mok and declared herself as Pat's biggest fan... Aiyo...

Finally the wedding came to an end at 1130pm. The little bible study group that started in my boss' office has grew from Jacelyn, just 1, to close to 90 today! In the midst of these 2 years, we witnessed how Brian and Jacelyn grew in God and in love.

It was a golden opportunity to be involved in their beautiful wedding. Thanks to everyone that accommodated my last minute bookings and requests... You helped made my job easier. And to Brian and Jacelyn, CONGRATULATIONS! Indeed "Two are better than one!"