Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little Princess

Debbie is very "girl"... She took out Denise's hairbands and wore ALL OF THEM on herself. She willingly posed for a picture when I asked her to.

My Little Helper @ Home

Lena, my helper, was cleaning the house. I took out Denise's "vacuum cleaner" for Debbie so that she will not disturb my maid. Initially she was very enthusiastic. But after a while, she was totally not interested...:)

Taking a rest now...:)

End of duty: keeping her tools.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I received a HUGE surprise from my sister today!

I am a shoe freak! A €460 (S$954 equivalent) Jimmy Choo is something I only see in fashion magazine! I tried it and it is the most comfortable 4" stiletto I have ever tried on. The sole is made of soft leather; definitely not something you will run in. Now I understand why those ladies in these designer heels only walk on carpeted floor...:p

She gave me another pair of Betula sandels in pink patent leather which was too big for her...:) They belong to the Birkenstock brand.

I love my sister...:) She is always so generous with family members... Have I ever mentioned she also paid for my Lasik?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In preparation for the Read for Record event in school, Denise and her classmates were asked to draw a caterpillar. These art and crafts were on display in school this week.

Most parents will recognize this book. "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is a common recommended book for preschoolers. The school wanted to mobilise all their students to read the book at the same time.

Parents can also make a donation to the "I Love Children" organization.

When I went to school, I saw this row of interested things... The children are to form a caterpillar using the red cherries and green grapes. The teachers are so creative!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sleepless in *Dover*

Debbie has been off breastfeeding for almost a week already. So far the journey has been *rather* smooth. The only challenge is how to put her back to bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night. She used to snuggle towards me and suckle till she falls alseep again.

For the first 2 nights, it was "better". She woke up and asked me to bring her to the kitchen. She ate a little yogurt and then went back to bed. I think she was hungry as she was not eating much when she had stomach-flu.

The next 2 nights was "heaven"! I had uninterrupted sleep from 12mn-7am! She woke up but she will close her eyes and sleep again.

However, last 2 nights was "horrendous". Especially last night, she woke up at 4am and 7am; screaming and kicking a big fuss! Thinking that she might be hungry, I offered her "Honey Star" but she didn't want. Gave her milk, didn't want... Gave her water, didn't want... She just kept crying and asking me to carry her from room to kitchen, and then kitchen to room! All these at 4am!!! Argh!

Finally, after 30mins of screaming and crying, she asked me for "Honey Star" and quietly laid down on her bed, munching on them... And eventually fell asleep...

This morning, the same thing happened at 7am...:(

The worse is that all fussing kids want is MUMMY... JX tried to help; but she got even more frustrated, thinking that JX wants to carry her away from me... Sigh!

I hope this is part of the weaning process... I am almost there... almost there...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Huge Milestone for Debbie (And ME!)

*Think I will receive quite a few comments on this post...:p*

It all started on Thursday morning, on the way to Suntec Nursery. Debbie put her finger into her mouth and I thought she had something stuck there. I wanted her to cough it out and out came her milk! I didn't think much about it...

Thursday night, after drinking her milk, she woke up at 2am and vomitted! This time, it was messy and massive! I knew that the stomach flu virus has hit her...:( In fact, the children in Nursery have been hit one by one; Debbie was the last few to get it... A friend recommends drinking Yakult Ace Light. So the children get to enjoy Yakult these few days!

Kept her at home on Friday, diarrhea in the morning and no more vomitting. But before I left for CG on Friday, I fed her milk and when I came home, my maid told me that Debbie vomitted..:( I reckoned that she should not take dairy product for now. In fact, she had no appetite for food and only drank soup for 2 days!!! Heartbreaking to see her so lethargic and skinny... She even fell alseep on the floor while watching TV.

Hmm...believe it or not, both my princesses were breastfed exclusively since young! In other words, no formula and supplement at all (I don't even know how to make formula milk)! Debbie is 27 months and I am still breastfeeding her. Have been thinking about weaning her; but not sure how to or if I want to... I fed Denise till 3 years old! And the reason I stopped was because I was expecting Debbie then. It was easy to wean Denise. I only had to tell her that Mummy has a baby and baby needs the milk... She stopped immediately...:)

On Thursday, I put Debbie to bed without suckling...just patting.

On Friday, she napped without suckling...just patting.

Friday night, she slept by patting again!

You see, Debbie has NEVER slept without suckling... Others can put her to bed; but with ME, she has gotten used to suckling to bed. So when I can put her to bed without her suckling, I think she is ready for weaning.

Last night, she slept without suckling again and this morning, she woke up without asking for the breast....

So I officially annouce here, that I am stopping this 6 years journey with my kids! I am finally stopping breastfeeding...:) Some mothers cried and get all emotional about it. I do feel apprehensive but I am definitely not teary about it...:) Hmm, I see the benefits of breastfeeding in my kids. They are close to me and defintiely stronger in their immunity system. Even when they fall sick, they recover faster. And not to mention the amount of money I saved from milk powder!

And look at my happy Debbie today. She seems to be back to her usual self... Praise the Lord!