Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Denise's Bedroom

Beginning of this year, we decided that it was time that Denise has her own room and place to keep all her books and ever-growing toys. JX spent an ENTIRE night decorating the room while Denise and myself were sleeping...:p

Denise was so..so...so...excited when she saw her room!!! I was impressed by JX too...:) He did this all by himself!

Denise the Photographer (2)

More "artistic" works from Denise...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Christian & Kean's Birthday (22 May 2007)

Christian and Kean celebrated their 3rd and 2nd birthday respectively, in Suntec Nursery last Tuesday. It happened to fall on Denise's school's Founder's Day and since it was her school holiday, I brought her to the celebration.

Christian likes Bob the Builder and Kean is into Barney now. Irene (Kean's mummy) ordered an unique "book" birthday cake, with Bob and Barney printed on each page!

The food was fantastic! Especially Irene's mum's curry... HOT! but yummy...:)

Many kids came and Denise definitely enjoyed herself. I think she ate 4 fishballs and countless of cocktail sausages...:)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Coming Soon: Shrek 3!!!

In support of Ronald McDonald Children's Charity, we bought Denise a *Shrek* hairband yesterday!

And we promised Denise we will bring her to the screening of Shrek 3 when it opens on May 31. This will be her first movie trip! This morning, Uncle Francis gave us 2 tickets to Shrek3!!! and it comes with 2 small combo...:)

Thank you, Uncle Francis!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Duck Tour (24 March 2007)

We brought Denise to the Duck Tour recently. We boarded "Orleans" at about 1pm and the entire trip (land and sea) lasted about an hour. Everyone on board was given a "duck-beak" whistle which the both the kids and adults were crazy about...

The view was excellent! We could even come near to the new IR site, new NDP performance site, the Singapore Flyer and the Merlion! Needless to say, until today, Denise still remembers the trip and will exclaim "Duck Tour" whenever we see one around Suntec area.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


This afternoon, JX and myself wanted to reach church earlier so we decided to prepare Denise first. Her nap time is usually between 2-4pm and on Saturdays, she will normally sleep in the car, on the way to church.

So we showered her, changed her and she put on her shoes herself. We can hear her playing and talking to herself in the living room from our room. Suddenly I realised that it was totally quiet outside and this was what I saw...

Denise fell asleep on our coffee table while waiting for us!!! She must have been so tired to fall asleep in such a position...:p

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (13 May 2007)

This Sunday is Mother's Day. When I dropped Denise off at school this morning, her teacher told her to choose a fruit from a basket for me. Between apples and bananas, she gave me a banana as her first "official and personal" Mother's Day gift for me...:) But when she reached her classroom, she said, "Mummy, I want to eat the banana..." Of course, I gladly gave it to her, knowing that it's her favourite...haha...

And this evening when I fetched her from school, she came running with an art & craft in her hand. She shouted, "Happy Mother's Day! I love you Mummy! Love from Denise..."

It was a beautiful little frame she did in school today. Nothing worth more than the gift your little ones made themselves....(all mothers understand that...) My husband asks me what do I want for Mother's Day.... Well, I already have what I wanted...*wink*

Monday, May 07, 2007

Ethan Chai's 2nd Birthday @ Gymboree

Denise attended Ethan's 2nd birthday celebration at Gymboree, Marine Parade Central on May 29th. It was real fun for the children! There were activities planned for them and Denise enjoyed herself thoroughly...:) The teachers even commented that she has great social skills as she had no problem participating in the activities except for a few occasions where she wanted us to help her up and down the ladder.

The cake was a very nice Mickey Mouse! And the host prepared home-made mini-pizzas and chocolate crepe for us! Even the drinks provided was "less in sugar"...:) It was a totally healthy and child-friendly party which both the adults and children enjoyed!


Denise was down with a fever last Tuesday (May 1). Her fever usually does not last more than 2 days and we were not too worried either. However, her temperature escalated in the night and we decided to bring her to the doctor. See how hip she is even though she was sick...:p

Doctor gave her paracetemol and antibiotics to ease her throat infection. But it didn't help...:( I took 2 days off on Thursday and Friday to look after her at home. Finally we couldn't take it anymore! Brought her to Gleneagles on Saturday evening and her temperature was 39.8 degrees!!!

Doctor gave her a suppository which should bring her temperature down fast. Supposed to ward her but only 4-bedder rooms left. As isolating her would be a better choice, we decided to bring her home with the stronger medication given.

Praise God! She obediently took all the medication and her temperature is much lower today...:) Usually I am not too worried about viral fever but 6 days of fever?!? After I came back from the hospital, a friend told me, "See, I told you that it is a viral fever...ha..." I was a little mad!!!

By the way, I already knew that it was a viral fever...but what virus is that? Denise never had fever for more than 2 days and I am not taking chances... Read too many horrible stories of parents losing their young children to bacteria attack...and I AM NOT TAKING CHANCES!!!

Anyway, she is well and up again! Will keep her away from school for another day. Back to work for me and school for her on Tuesday!