Monday, June 28, 2010

IPC vs Charity

I have always wanted to write something about the above. My friend wrote it so well that I think you should read her entry from her blog instead. (SANses)

In today's age, a pen is indeed mighter than a sword. Happy reading!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June Holidays

June not only marks the beginning of school holidays, but also the end of our 2 years relationship with our Indo helper, Lena. To cut the long story short, she decided not to come back after her 2 weeks home passage leave. Within a short period, we got another helper, a Filipino this time. So far so good, thank God the children are older and close to me. No problem transiting to a new maid...:)

Week 1 of school hols, maidless... Staff were given 1 week of break after AC2010 :) Brought the kids to Universal Studio! Woohoo!!!

It was a HOT HOT day... We did not manage to visit all the rides and attractions but it was enough to last us one full day.

Week 2 of school holidays, maidless. Denise attended a 5-days Discovery Vacation Camp - Learn Science The Fun Way. Dropped her off at RGPS, the campsite, at 9am and picked her at 5pm everyday. That basically occupied her for Week 2.

Week 3 of school holidays, maidless. Spent the week at Costa Sands Resort - Pasir Ris. It was a crazy week. Itinerary was packed with eXplorerkid, Wild Wild Wet and 2 BBQ sessions...

We invited Adrian and Sharon for BBQ :) A friend recommended BBQ stuff from MMMM - Meats, Marinates & Much More. The food turned out to be yummy!!! You can either walk-in or call in 2 days in advance to order.

Week 4; new maid came and Debbie gave us a HFMD scare! Thank God she turned out fine. Brought the kids to Toy Story 3. Fantastic show; a MUST-watch :) It really teaches the children to appreciate their toys. Better still, the story teaches us to stay together during challenges; "No Toy Gets Left Behind".

School reopens today. Managed to put them in bed early and the morning routine was easy! Back to my early morning shift...:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday I was called up by school to pick Debbie because she was having a fever. Temperature shot from 37.7 to 38.6...

Today, the fever is gone but I had to keep her at home for another day. Guess what? Found a few white spots in her mouth...:( Not sure if they are symptoms of HFMD... So far, only 1 red spot on her palm...:( Also not sure if it is another symptom...

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that it is nothing serious!

Pray for my D4!