Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Night of Star

The entire family was out to support Denise in her first dance performance in school. Every year, Fairfield showcased their Aesthetic Club with a night of performance. This year, the event was held at NUS - University Cultural Centre.

After every club had performed, the P4's put up a musical "Table of Five Thousands". The teachers wrote the script, songs and directed the musical. The entire hall sang "Amazing Grace" during the finale.

That's our "STAR"!

What an awesome night! Like what JX says "Arts is good for the soul"

Birthday Celebration Continues...

Debbie celebrated Part 2 of her birthday in school. Simple affair - Dora cake with nuggets, Dora plates, napkins, fun picks and goodie bags :)

No bouncy castle, magician, balloon sculpture, face-painting, clowns.... Yes, just something simple :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Debbie!

Finally she turned 4! Debbie picked the theme and chose her guests.

Dora! I bought Dora cupcake stand, Dora loot bag, Dora paper plates, Dora napkins, Dora fun picks and printed Dora invitation cards for her classmates. Thank you, Aunty Jenny, for the beautiful and delicious cupcakes that sat so nicely on the stand. (if anyone wants to borrow the stand for your gal's birthday, please let me know)

She named her guests one by one. She was very specific in who she wanted to invite. One mother asked me if I was really going to let her decide... I told her "it's her party" :)

Thank you everyone for your generosity! Your presence and presents made her day. Some of her remarks were "Oh, I always wanted this!", "Oh my goodness!" and "Wah.... I like this!".