Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Parties

Sep 27, Saturday - Denise attended classmate Joelle's birthday, held at Liquids Cafe (Upper Bukit Timah). The host engaged an entertainer for the party and the children really enjoyed themselves.

One of the games played was to identify the soundtrack from cartoons or movies. Denise was so excited when she knew the answer to a song! Balloon sculptures were also given to all the children.

The birthday cake was an amazing Princess Castle from Cupcake Divinity. It was simply too pretty to be eaten. Every child was given a lunch-box. It contains a burger, a portion of pasta, nuggets, star-shaped fries and a small jelly for dessert...:) It was an awesome party!

Sep 28, Sunday - Brought Debbie to Damian's 1st birthday party held in Pebble Bay's function room. Another cupcake birthday cake!

Denise was not there and this was Debbie's first birthday party. pictures to show Debbie having fun with the toys and balloons!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conversation With Denise

On the way to Stephanie's grandma's wake...

Mummy: Denise we need to visit Auntie Steph for a while.

Denise: Why?

Mummy: Because Auntie Steph's grandma has gone to heaven, like 外公.

Denise: Oh, now they can be friends.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

*Jibbitz* for Denise!

Denise has a pair of shoes from Pumpkin Patch that resembles "Crocs". We visited Vivo last night and couldn't resist buying some Jibbitz for her shoes...:)

And...I always thought "Crocs" are ugly; no matter how comfortable they claimed to be... Well.....couldn't resist buying one for myself when I saw this!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Trip to KL

After JX's SOT graduation, we decided to make a trip to KL with the Songs and Ruth. (In case, you are "wondering" where are my glasses...?!? Well, I went for Lasik! My birthday present from my ever-giving and beloved sister. Thanks Mel!)

3-fold purpose:
1) To take break
2) To visit the Choongs
3) To attend KL Emerge

There were other surprises... They celebrated my 33rd birthday and the kids had a fun morning in the pool...:)

Daddy's SOT Graduation

Minister of the Year!
Best Overall Performance Award (Runner-up)!


Peyton's 5th Birthday Party

Denise attended a Birthday Party at Fidgets (located at Turf City). It was a huge and definitely child-friendly place. There's a huge cafe for parents to chill out while the children are playing. Bottle and food warmers are provided for parents who need to warm up milk or food for their children. There's even a playpen in the toilet for mothers to leave their babies or toddlers while they go for toilet breaks...... THOUGHTFUL....:)

I was impressed by the hostess! She baked 2 birthday cakes for her children!!! Usual food were catered for the children, i.e.nuggets, pizza, fries, juice...

Definitely a place I will come back again...:)

Batam Mission Trip

JX had to lead a mission team to Batam over the National Day weekend and we packed the entire family over...:)

While JX and Mervyn were busy serving, Jenny (with Christal) and I (with Denise and Debbie) met up with Cindy (with Ryan) and we brought the kids shopping! Everything was cheap cheap cheap..... Even the indoor playground was super-cheap! Only S$2 per 30mins...:)

I managed to "smuggle" the younger children inside...:)