Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tea Cosy @ Plaza Singapura

Was looking for a nice, cosy place to meet up some gal friends. Met the lady boss of Tea Cosy and decided to visit the place.

Located at Plaza Singapura #05-10, the shop front looks like a gift shop.

At the side of the entrance, the wooden sign tells you more. Daphne, the boss, told us that everything, or anything with a price tag attached to it is for sale! It could be the chair you are sitting on, the table cloth, the display shelf, the mirror on the wall etc!

The most distinctive stuff in the shop has to be the angels for sale. You can find ALL SORTS of angels, for all sorts of occasion. You just have to approach the staff, tell them the occasion for the gift and they will recommend you which to get. We bought "studious" angels for our CG SOT Graduates :) But my favourite were those leaning against the table with their butts showing :p

Daphne (the lady seated lower left), told us that the concept is to house three brands in one location, Tea Cosy, Ten Thousand Angels and A Thousand Tales (the brands that sells the furnishings).

It's a perfect place for casual dining, tea-time with friends, nice chat with pals... Imagine thousands of angels watching over you :)

Baked Mushroom - oven-baked mushrooms topped with cheese!

Tea Cosy Decadent Salad - Foie gras chunks with grilled prawns, whole egg, fresh green and in-house special dressing!

Banger's & Mash - German Frankfurters served with mash potatoes and coleslaw

Tea Cosy Laksa Pasta - Choice of linguini or penne. If you are a Laksa fan, this is a must-try!

Miso Dory - Delicious dory pan-fried in miso gravy.

We were getting ready for our dessert!

Ebony & Ivory - Fudge brownie with vanilla ice-cream.

English Scones - I am not a scones person, but I ate an entire scone! It was soft and fluffy; not those that get stuck in between your teeth :p

Tea Cosy Hot Chocolate - The only reason I ordered this was because it was SO PRETTY! The beverage comes with 4 floating floral marshmallows. I know my kids will love this!

Minty Chocolate Coffee - this is highly recommended by Daphne.

The place also cater to private functions. Daphne told us that they held birthday parties and even ROM Solemnization Ceremony in the cafe before. If you are looking for a serene and cosy place to rest in the midst of a busy shopping mall like Plaza Singapura, do visit Tea Cosy.

Mon - Thur: 11a.m. - 9.30p.m.

Fri - Sun: 11a.m. - 10.30p.m.

Primary 1 Dance Presentation

Every Thursday, from 1.50-3.50 p.m., Denise stays in school for Programme for Active Learning (PAL). This program exposes the child to various activities like different type of dance or sports. It will prepare them as they choose their CCA later.

Term 3, Denise did dance. After learning the different types of dance, parents were invited to attend a Dance Presentation by the students.

Parents started streaming in at 8.30a.m. Finally we were ushered into the hall at 8.45a.m. I spotted Denise!

The day before, she refused to show us the dance. It was supposed to be a secret! But she told us that she will be standing in front; leading the class :) They did a jazz dance; accompanied by a song from Camp Rock. Her teachers commented that she was very good. I fall short in telling them that she already had a few public performance under her belt :0 Thanks to exposure from CHC Children's Church and Pat's Schoolhouse!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

National Day Performance

The School was a sea of red when we arrived in the morning. Debbie was super sticky to me and I was worried that she was not going to perform. But when it was her class' turn to go on stage, she was all ready!

Some people say that she looks like her teacher Ms Mayce :)

Debbie's all-time favourite activity is face-painting. As usual, Ms Serene makes sure she leaves a "print" on her face :)

After the carnival, we were invited to their class to view their Art and Craft.

The teachers also led us in some games. It was a time of curriculum introduction. We enjoyed ourselves and thanks to all the teachers for making this celebration a fun one!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy 45th National Day!

On our way to Raffles City, Denise asked if we can bring them to Esplanade. So after shopping at Raffles City, we walked to Esplanade via CityLink. On the way, we saw some interesting wall murals and the children had fun posing :)

After dinner at Ichiban Boshi, we sat outdoor and enjoyed a live performance by a Singapore 60's band. Didn't who they were, but the 50s-60s yr old uncles were good!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Singapore! I pray for righteous government and happiness, peace and prosperity in this nation :)

Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary!

9 years and 2 kids later... JX still knows me the best :) I LOVE the Thomas Sabo watch that he chose for me. And he added a heart-shaped charm to my collection.

I am already looking forward to our 10th; Australia, here we come!

Shopping 101

Denise is learning to tell time and we decided to buy her a "real and serious" watch. Brought her to Swatch and she chose one named "Adventure Girl". It comes in a bag containing a torch light, a keychain, a compass, a pen and notepad. Suggested a digital one for easy-reading but she insisted that she must learn how to read an analog one.

Debbie wanted to buy something too. She had wanted to buy a Flik Flak watch that comes in a musical box. However, knowing that she would probably "waste" the watch, we decided to buy her a musical box instead. This was what she chose from Precious Thoughts.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

K ki - Fine Pastries

Recently visited a couple friend's cafe at Ann Siang Hill - K Ki. One side of the cafe sells pastry and the other side is The Little Drom Store that sells whimsical, vintage little knick knacks.

The uniqueness of this cafe lies in the fact that the pastry chef is self-taught! Husband Kenneth has never attended any formal training but his baking skills is simply heavenly! It might be a little pricey but the details they put into the presentation and packaging is worth the every cent you pay for the cakes :)

The cakes look "too pretty" to be eaten. I bought the Kinabaru - coconut mousse, passionfruit creme and lychee mousse, Cafe Dumo - the one shaped like a dome, flourless chocolate cake, cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake.

If you are looking for a quiet place with good pastries and a nice cup of coffee, do visit K Ki and be wowed by the food and warm service! Have a nice chat with Wife Delphine, she will take time to explain every creation to you!

K Ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel 6225 6650

Operating hours:
12pm - 7pm (Sun to Fri)
12pm - 4pm (Sat)
Closed on Mondays