Monday, February 15, 2010

Lion Dance @ Dover

We were treated to Lion Dance Performance at the Clubhouse this morning. We were surprised that so many residents came...:) Mainly people with young children though.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Debbie's CNY Performance @ Pat's Schoolhouse

Debbie had her debut public performance in school today...:) Please pardon her "nose-picking". We were 30mins late. Managed to reach just in time; about 1 min before her item!!! It was a SUPER hot day. After the performance, we stayed for the mini-carnival held at the school compound.

This is 将老师, Debbie's Chinese teacher.

This is Ms Lucille, Debbie's English teacher, who just joined the school. She is a Filipino who has 10 years of teaching experience in Bangkok, before coming here with her family. Initially I was concerned about her accent... (ops, no offence to anyone). However I was assured by the Principal, Ms Ada, that Mrs Koh is very strict when it comes to teachers selection and Mrs Koh interviewed the teachers herself.

And sure enough, everything turned out just fine! In fact, I sat in class once (because Debbie was crying and I wanted to settle her in) and Ms Lucille is good :)

Before we left, Debbie had her face painted by Ms Serene.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chinese New Year

We had 2 family funerals in January and are not supposed to "celebrate" CNY this year. We were told that we are "not supposed" to give any red packets as we are still mourning within the 49 days period. However, we can still accept red packets from others... Hmm... What a weird tradition! It must have been started from someone that just had a funeral...:p Can receive and cannot give...:)

Anyway, the mood for celebration is still here...:) Met friends for lunch at Imperial Treasure last Wednesday. I had my first "Lo Hei".

Debbie is performing in Pat's Schoolhouse's CNY Celebration on Feb 12 (Fri). We managed to dig a CNY outfit from Denise wardrobe. It fits Debbie like a glove! Decided to add a hair clip to make her look more girly...:)

Even though we are "not supposed" to celebrate CNY, I did my Mani-Pedi, got a new haircut, bought new clothes and went to a CNY bazaar with MIL...:) The only difference is that I do not have to prepare red packets this year.

This CNY will be a stay-at-home, swim and watch TV break for all of us!

So, from Denise and Debbie to you, Gongxi Gongxi (in advance).

Spelling and 听写

Now in Primary One, Denise has Weekly Spelling and 听写. Every week, I have to go through the words with her and make sure she is well-prepared for them.

However, I have never been good at tuition. During NUS days when most of my friends were giving tuitions to earn extra income, I shunned that option as I was never known to be a patient teacher. I often got impatient after a few rounds of explaining and got frustrated when the children just did not get it!!! I kept telling myself that when it comes to teaching Denise and Debbie, I have to be patient with them.

So far, Denise has been doing well for her weekly mini-tests. She is self-motivated and has no problem completing her homework on her own. But when it comes to learning Hanyu Pinyin, I almost vomitted blood today. She kept giving reasons like she was sleepy, confused, hungry etc... I think all the above were true... BUT she has 听写tomorrow! I need her to be motivated to learn now... And I do not want to crash her confidence by scolding her, in case she ends up hating learning...:(

Sigh, the conclusion is not to revise with her the day before. Always teach a few days in advance so that she can learn a bit at a time...

God, I need patience and I need it NOW!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Denise With The Celebs

Due to the nature of our CG and work, Denise had the chance to meet some celebrities...:)

This was taken last year on Jacelyn's birthday

With Cai Aijia when she performed in our CHC Live House

Genecia, the beauty queen :)

Belinda Lee, our CG friend. She is one of the reason why Denise is hooked on the Channel 8,
7 p.m. show...:p

And of course, our very own International Artiste, SUN!!!