Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Night Without Mummy...(Denise)

Took some photos when I dropped Denise in school this evening. Every child was given a camp T-shirt. It reads "Ever camped overnight at your school?" How cool!

This is NOT what they are sleeping in tonight...:) Its just a tent set up at the compound; probably a props for the campfire. Haha... The children will be sleeping comfortably in the air-conditioned Music Room...:)

The children were split up into groups. They had to come up with their own group cheer and group banner...:) Reminds me of my school days in RVHS where we had to come up with our own cheers and banner for school Sports Day...:p Can you imagine Denise is already experiencing all these in K2? How fun!

See how excited the children are! Here, a photo taken with one of the teachers in her team.

Confidence Camp 2009 - Celebrate Friendship! This will definitely goes down Denise's memory lane! As for me, I am missing my princess already... Looking forward to picking her at 9am tomorrow...:)

Friday, September 25, 2009

K2 Confidence Camp

Today is THE day!

Denise is camping overnight in school... Tonight will be the FIRST night she, or rather I will be sleeping without her...:p

Every year, the school will organize an overnight camp for the K2 before their graduation. I heard that 1 of her classmates is having panic attacks. She has been crying and most likely her parents will bring her home during bedtime.

My princess? Aiyo...she is SUPER-exicted! Can't wait for today to come. School will start at 4pm and camp will break at 9am on Saturday! There will be campfire and part of the program is to celebrate Mid-Autumn by going for a night walk at Kampong Java Park, located just opposite the school, with their lanterns...

Looking forward to more stories and photos when she comes back tomorrow...:)

Make-Up Session

Denise and Debbie have always been fascinated with my cosmetics. I usually put on my make-up on the way to work in the car. Since young, Denise would pretend to put on eye-shadow, lipstick, blusher etc. Needless to say, Debbie has picked up the "skills" now...:)

Denise has always wanted me to buy her a Make-up set. I refused because I was not sure if the ingredient used would do any damage to her face. MIL brought her to Toy R Us one day, and she came home with a Barbie Make-up set. I kept it for a few months!

Recently, I bought some make-up remover wet wipes because Denise is performing in her K2 Graduation concert; I wanted to use these to clean her stage make-up. I decided to "relax" a bit and let the girls play with the Make-up set. It turned out to be very fun for them, as expected!

The proportions might not be right, but who cares? It was good to see Denise having so much fun!

Debbie was quick to follow what her sister was doing! Not bad for the first time...:)

They even had hands-on practice on each other... Haha... I guess, sometimes, as a parent, don't be too restrictive... It's alright to let them have some harmless fun...

CG Outing

We had a CG gathering @ Albert's place last Sunday. It was a time to eat and bond. The mummies were busy taking pictures of the children at the pool...

These were some of the kids that came. I think the pool was the main highlight to them...:)

Raffles Marina Again!

It's been a long time since we last saw my step-mum and brother. Decided to get them to come to Singapore and to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday. Denise was very happy as Mel has chartered a speedboat to bring us out to sea (that was where we scattered my Dad's ashes).

The kids were super excited! Denise kept asking when are we going to Raffles Marina.

Reached at sunset; the weather was good! The sea was not choppy; it was a pleasant ride...:)

Had dinner at the Chinese restaurant before going home. Sorry, no pictures because I was busy eating...:p

Sunday, September 20, 2009

@ The Dentist

Last Sunday, Denise complained about toothache and wanted us to bring her to a dentist. The last time I brought her to one, I was TRAUMATISED! She was crying and whining throughout! She was afraid of the drill and I even had to pay for 2 fillings that dried up while waiting for her to be mentally prepared...:p

This time round, I decided to let JX bring her... As it was already 8pm on a Sunday, they went a few places before they found Q&M (Bukit Batok) still open!

It turned out that the molar at the back is growing!!! And the dentist also suggested filling up 2 tiny holes. Before Denise left home, I told her to be brave and everything will be alright!

I must say she was really brave this time! JX didn't have to coax her much. She willingly let the dentist do everything she wanted. The drill, the suction, the cleaning, the filling....EVERYTHING! But she was definitely nervous...

She was clinching her fist...:) My Brave Princess!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Up Close & Personal with SUN

While I am typing this, I am listening to Sun's latest singles "Fancy Free"! I am not bias; just honest... It sounds real good! A song that will definitely send you dancing to the beat...:)

You can buy the downloads from iTunes.... Althernatively, catch it over Singapore radio!

Tune in to FM91.3, catch 91.3 Hot 30 Countdown TODAY (Sep 17) between 8pm to 12midnight! The music video (much acclaimed by those who managed to sneak preview it!) will be released on Youtube TOMORROW! I can’t wait to check it out! :)

Better still, hear from SUN....LIVE via FACEBOOK on Friday (Sep 18)! Here's how...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

JWT Kids Gym

Bryan's birthday party was held at JWT Kids Gym in the evening, after Jaden's celebration. Most of the children had time to go home and freshen up. This is a great place to "use up" their energy... The theme was Crazy Relay. So the children formed 2 teams and had to compete with each other to complete certain obstacles.

Parents were included for the last session. We had foam ball fight; parents vs children...:) Basically pick up the balls and attack each other... Haha...

Of course, more food again! Bryan had a Ben 10 Birthday cake; complete with figurines and landscape! How cool!

Birthday PartieSSsssss....

It started last Sunday (Sep 6) when Aaron celebrated his 1 year old birthday at our place. It was supposed to be a mini-party but more than 50 people turned up... I have not seen so many people at the Clubhouse before...:p

On a sidenote.... Do they look alike?

Saturday (Sep 12), Jaden and Bryan (both Denise's classmates) celebrated their birthdays on the same day. In the morning, Jaden had a "Pedal Go-Kart" party at West Coast Park. It was very fun! There were so many different kind of models to choose from.

Even adults can ride on them! A few parents, including myself, tried riding...:)

It was photos and more photos later... The parents were more excited than the children...:p It was like some press conference or meet the stars session. Haha...

The theme of the party was Transfomer. And of course, birthday boy had a Transformer birthday cake from Bengawan Solo...:)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Wanna Be

United Square is having a promotion for shoppers. For every $50 you spent, you can redeem a pass to their "Kids In The Big World" located at the atrium. We brought Denise there hoping to revive her "BabyBoss" memory...:) Of course, far from it... haha...

We redeemed 2 passes and she chose to dressed-up as a pilot and a model. Every station takes 30mins where she did flight stimulation and a phootshoot like a model. Below are the takeaway photos that you can bring home...:)

My Birthday

My birthday celebration started with the CGLs...:) They had zone meeting at our place so that they can celebrate my birthday for me... And that starts a series of food and fellowship...:)

JX came back from his CG and "made" a special cake using kueh from the famous Tiong Bahru market. This is the perfect cake for a kueh-lover like me!

Weekend, we had dinner at Chilli Padi, located at Heng Mui Keng Terrace (near to Science Park). I have always wanted to try the Peranakan buffet. Since they were having a new opening promotion till 31 Aug, we decided to go there. Boy, it was crowded! In fact, when I called up wanting to make reservations, the person told me it was full! He told us to try walking-in. It was a good thing we went there at 6pm sharp! We managed to get a table and by the time we left, the entire restaurant was full and there was a queue forming outside!

Monday, we had lunch at Jack's Place because I was craving for steak... Hehe...told you it was a series of food and more food...:p

There were other food occasions not documented by pictures. Dinner with my family, lunches with my friends and colleagues etc. And what is birthday without presents?

I am so blessed! I love all the presents I received. Of course, I have to mention the LV that JX bought earlier...:) I received a Adidas water bottle and running Tee from my domestic helper (she spent almost one-third of her monthly salary to buy presents for JX and me *touched*). A office cup, super cute cup-cover, vouchers from Skin, Swarovski cross pendant, a funky top, Royce chocolate, Dior makeup set and of course cash from parents...

I love birthdays! Haha...who doesn't? Thanks everyone for making me feel so blessed!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I have been thinking much about discipling my children. A few parents I spoke to tell me that they cane their children. And if it is real bad; they will "cane like there is no tomorrow". The children will remember the punishment and will behave in future.

Last night I had a discipline episode with Denise. I was contemplating if I should (like what my friends have shared) cane her. Anyway, we do not have a cane at home. We only use Mr Spoon... Maybe give her a few smacks and make her remember!!!

But I couldn't bring myself to do it... She was giving excuses, blaming others and finally broke down when she knew that she was wrong... And she really cried!

My heart broke whenever Denise starts to sob! And they are not "crocodile tears" or out of manipulation... They are remorseful tears. I know "spare the rod and spoil the child"... But I must say that Denise is a very sensible girl.

I remember during her baby dedication, Ps Ulf said, "this baby will grow up, understanding complicated things." She has always been a child whom you can reason with. Comparing to other children her age, she is really rather mature. Even though she is a year end (Dec 27) baby, she definitely does not lose out to her "2003" older peers.

I believe in discipline. I still use Mr Spoon. In fact, Debbie is VERY scared of Mr Spoon. She has stopped screaming in the house because I told her if she screams, she will wake Mr Spoon up... Haha.... So now, she will "shhh...." at me. She will point to the cupboard where I keep Mr Spoon and tell me "Mr Spoon sleeps" when I speak too loud at home...:p So what did I do?

I choose to reason with Denise. But if need be, Mr Spoon still proves effective...:)