Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Denise - 4 year old Development Assessment

Brought Debbie for her 5th month jab and Denise for her 4 year old Development Assessment recently. Denise asked if she needs any injection. I told her if she does not behave herself, I will ask the nurse to give her a "behave yourself" injection...:p

The nurse tested her fine motor skills by asking her to draw some shapes, a picture of herself and a picture of Debbie...:p Took her height and weight, and tested her eye-sight...

Sigh... She is a 6-9. In other words, not perfect eye-sight! Must be too much tv-watching... Doctor told us it is not an area of concern for the moment and gave us an appointment for a re-test 3 months later. So now, we strictly keep her at least 2 metres away from the TV and kept reminding her of what the doctor said!


It's been a few years since we put up a Christmas tree at home. This year we decided to bring out our "tree" from the storeroom and Denise helped us decorate it! Ta-da!!!

A BIG thank you to all the Uncles and Aunties for the presents! There were SO MANY presents to open on Christmas Day! Denise even "complained" that her fingers were hurting from all the tearing and opening of gifts...:)

All these presents will last Denise and Debbie a long long time...:)

Denise - Christmas @ Changs

This year, Denise had the opportunity to participate in the Main Church Christmas drama as one of the sheep. It was quite tiring for the younger children as they had to wait for rehearsals, make-up and actual performances. However, Denise enjoyed it thoroughly as she made a lot of new friends and many of the actressess found her adorable and helped to take care of her...:)

Christmas @ CHC Children's Church

Brought Denise, Nicole and Kellyn to Children's Church Christmas Fiesta last Saturday. Denise even participated and WON the first game!

The children even put up a Christmas drama on their own! It was, once again, a successful Children's Church production and Christmas party!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Debbie In the Nursery

Debbie is turning 6 months in January. She is learning to sit unsupported. In fact, whenever we put her lying down, she will try to lift her head up; like doing crunches...:p

When Denise was in the Suntec Nursery, she had a "growing up buddy", Daniel, who is 1 week her junior.

Now, Debbie also has a "growing up buddy", Tristen, who is 1 week her senior!
No lack of playmates in the Nursery...:)

Disney Naturally

Last Saturday, we decided to meet the Songs for dinner at the newly-opened Disney-themed restaurant, Disney Naturally, located at Anchorpoint. The restaurant is rather new and the place was not crowded even though it was dinner time.

There aren't many choices for food; mainly western stuff like pizza, pasta, soup, ice-cream etc.
We ordered a Hawaiian pizza shaped of a Mickey head!
They even have an internet corner for the kids to surf the net!
After dinner, we did some shopping at Anchorpoint. Not many shops and most of them are "outlets". Denise was rather thrilled because the entire mall was decorated with "Disney Princesses" posters...:)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Denise's 4th Birthday Celebration

Denise wanted a MacDonald's Birthday Party this year. We decided to celebrate her birthday earlier as her actual day (Dec 27) is too close to Christmas.

Denise worked out her own guest lists and we sent out the invitations for her. In total, we were expecting about 20 children for the party. Wanting to make the party more interesting, I learnt how to make balloon sculptures so that the kids can be entertained!
Not too bad an attempt... Managed to do dogs, giraffes, elephants, flowers and swords...:) Before I left, I even made a machine gun for a boy!!! (anyone looking to hire freelance parties entertainers...:p)

Thank you all my friends that came to the party! You made my day...:)And thank you EVERYONE for all the presentSSssss.... I hope you have enjoyed the celebration as much as I did!

Denise is sitting beside me while I am updating this blog... She wants me to tell everyone, " I love you! And thank you for coming to my birthday party."

Click to view full pictures of the party: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/dawnlpc/DeniseS4thBIrthdayParty

Regan's Birthday Party (Dec 15, 2007)

Denise attended one of her classmate, Regan's birthday party. It was held at Singapore Polo Club. We began with Magic Show and pony-riding after that. Regan had the most amazing birthday cake; a 3D Power Ranger cake! We had a hard time deciding where to start cutting it from...:)

After cake-cutting, the children took turns to ride on the "poor" pony. Denise definitely enjoyed herself!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Trip to KL (Dec 5-8,2007)

JX went to KL for a conference and I brought the children to visit the Choongs. This trip was special becuase Iris brought Beatrice and Vina brought Gabby. It turned out to be a play trip for the children!

The trip was pleasant, except for when the children cried for food, sleep or attention...:p As the coach we took has a lower deck, we kept the children at the lounge area so that we do not disturb the other passengers.
This is Denise's best "male" friend - Joshua. They used to be able to play "peacefully" and Joshua will always "let" Denise have her way. It was interesting to see how they have grown and changed in their play...:)

They will engaged in play and once in a while one party will start complaining about the other...
"Denise throw her puzzles at me!"
"Joshua use the toy and hurt my thumb!"
"Denise pushed me!"
"Joshua don't want to play with me!"
"Denise don't want to be my friend!" etc...

The parents will have to step in and mediate! Finally...
PARENTS: "Ok, Joshua say sorry to Denise"
JOSHUA: "Sorry..."
(after a while) JOSHUA: "But Denise did not say it's ok..."
PARENTS: "Denise, Joshua already said sorry"
DENISE: "Too soft, I cannot hear"
JOSHUA (louder this time): "SORRY"
DENISE: "It's ok..."
JOSHUA & DENISE (break out into laughter together): "Hahhahahahah..."

Off they go and play again. Sigh. This went on for a few cycles...:p But before we left, they were on good terms and were looking forward to meet each other again! :)

Vivo City

Brought Denise and Debbie to VivoCity some time back. Denise had a good time playing with water at the rooftop. And Debbie?

Sleeping comfortably in the sling...:)

We met Christy and family at Vivo. Kenneth, Christy's son aka Denise "big" friend in the CG, was doing some art & craft in a shop. And Denise wanted to join in.
We waited for her to finish her artwork before having dinner at Hog's breath.

Where is Debbie?
Sleeping soundly in her child seat...:)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Debbie - Flipped Over (Dec 1, 2007)

Dec 1, 2007 (Sat), Debbie - 4 months and 21 days old.

Debbie has been sleeping on her tummy since she turned 2 months. She is usually very contented lying on her back during play and there is "no motivation" for her to flip over.

Dec 1 - I was pleasantly shocked to find her on her back after she woke up from her afternoon nap! Not only has she turned 180 degree, she finally flipped over on her own...:) And today (Dec 2), she flipped over after her nap again.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

When I Grow Up @ Victoria Theatre

Denise participated in CHC Children's Church first-ever Musical "When I Grow Up". She was supposed to be a fairy but being one of the youngest in the performance, she ended up being a flower instead...:)

As I had Debbie with me, it was difficult for me to stay with Denise for rehearsal. I usually drop her off and the teachers will help me take care of her.

Comments that I hear from the teachers and other parents...

"She is so cute"

"So serious and intense in her performance"

"Always looking out for one "off" flowers"

"She is very helpful"

"She "rescued" 2 flowers from falling off the stage" etc...

I decided to attend her Full Dress Rehearsal...:)

At the end of the rehearsal, Pastor Eileen even got some children to pray for the production.On the actual day (Nov 25, Sun), we dropped off Debbie at my mum's place and attended Denise first-ever public performance like any proud parents would! The entire theatre was filled with proud parents and eager grandparents. The atmosphere was awesome! I even visited Denise at the backstage...:)It was truly an excellent performance and great learning experience for Denise. She fell asleep on our way home. She was a TIRED flower! The next day, Denise told me, "Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be a botanist!"

"Do you know what is a botanist?"

"Someone who plants flowers"

Well done, Denise :)

Hong Kong Part 2

Before everything else becomes out-dated, better do a quick update for this trip. This is a summary...:)

Day 1 (Nov 9):
- Depart from Singapore via SQ862, 11am

- Had our lunch on the plane
- Arrived Hong Kong, 245pm
- Walk along Tsim Sha Tsui
- Had dinner at "源记"
- Had mango dessert at "许留山"
- Bought road-side snacks and headed back to Regal Kowloon Hotel

Day 2 (Nov 10):
- Had Dim Sum at a Chinese restaurant- Took MTR to Central Station and headed for Ocean Park
- Spent the whole day at Ocean Park; so tired...

- After Ocean Park, we went to Avenue of Star, along the Harbour

- Had MacDonalds for dinner
- Watched the "Symphony of Light" before calling it day

Day 3 (Nov 11):
- Had authentic Hong Kong style breakfast
- Shopping at Harbour City (A HUGE shopping area)
- Had lunch at Pizza Hut

- More shopping at Mongkok, Ladies Market
- Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant
- SUPER tired to take MTR; took a taxi back to hotel instead

Day 4 (Nov 12):
- Too tired to eat out; JX "ta-pau" and we had breakfast in our room
- Check out of Regal Kowloon
- Get ready to leave for Hong Kong DisneylandPM- Check in Disneyland Hollywood Hotel
- Drop our luggage and head for Disneyland
- Had sandwich for lunch in Disneyland
- Spent the entire day in Disneyland

- Went back to hotel after the Fireworks

- Had dinner at hotel's cafe

Day 5 (Nov 13):

- Had buffet breakfast at Cafe Mickey

- Denise even learnt to sketch Winnie the Pooh
- Check out of hotel
- Left our luggage in hotel and went to visit Disneyland again

- Had lunch in Disneyland, Main Street Cafe
- Met a very professional marching band

- Managed to catch all the rides and shows that we missed on the first day

- Went back to hotel to pick up our luggage
- Reached airport and had dinner at "大快活"
- Board SQ891 at 820pm
- Touched down in Singapore at 12.05am
- Home Sweet Home
- Unpack luggage
- ZZZzzzzz...............

And it's past 4am now. I better go back to bed before my kids are up at 7am...:p

Click the link to view photos of the entire trip!