Thursday, November 16, 2006

Daddy Away For Business Trip

JX has been away for business trip since Sunday. He is finally coming back tonight!!! Denise has been asking "where is Daddy" and "is he in Bangkok" etc... And she has been rather bored at home because Daddy is not around to play with her.

Finally I can tell her "Daddy is coming back tonight!" and we are fetching him from airport after CG. We are looking forward to all the presents he has bought....:)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Trip To The Market

This morning I brought Denise to the food centre for breakfast! She wanted to bring her "baby" along. She promised to push the trolley herself and that's a good way to ensure that she walks on her own. The entire trip was smooth except for a short while when she whined for ice-cream and refused to push her trolley...:)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tomato Ketchup!

There's just something about Tomato Ketchup that it seems all kids are crazy about! One friend of mine told me her child will eat ANYTHING as long as she adds tomato sauce to it. Initially I taught that was funny until I discovered Denise's love for tomato sauce...

Whenever we bring Denise to fast food restaurant, she will ask for "sauce". And if we eat at home, she will go to the refrigerator and take out the bottle herself.

Yesterday, our couple friend ordered room service before their wedding banquet. Guess what came with the food? 4 BABY BOTTLES OF HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP!!! With our friends' permission, JX brought 1 home for Denise...:p

Now Denise has her personal bottle of Tomato Ketchup...:) See how cute it looks!

First Manicure Session

Denise was very fascinated by my nail polish. She volunteered to hold the bottle while I was applying them to my nails. Suddenly I had an inspiration! I asked her if she wanted some on her nails....:p

Guess what was her response? Can you see her pink finger nails?

Friday, November 03, 2006


Denise had fever on Monday night; had to bring her to the doctor on Tuesday. She was very obedient and cooperative. Doctor prescribed medicine for cough and running nose (the usual stuff). JX and myself took turns to look after her on Tuesday and Wednesday.

She went back to school on Thursday. When I picked her up, I saw her art & craft being displayed outside her classroom. Like a "kiasu" mum, I cannot help but compared her artwork with her classmates...:p

They are learning the letter "X" this week.

Hahah....comparing to the red one next to her, I must say Denise's purple X is a much nicer and neater one....!!!