Monday, July 31, 2006

First Birthday (27 Dec 2004)

Recently I found the photos we took during Denise 1st birthday! I know this is kind of long over-due....:p

As Denise is the first grandchild for both JX and my family, her first birthday was quite a big deal for the grandparents. We decided not to invite her friends as she is too young and will not know what's happening anyway. However, we did invite a few of our close friends and their children: Kar Fai+Fong Loo+ Nicole, Tan Boon+Angela+Heidi(though she was still in Angela's stomache) and Wai+Siew Ying+Chloe.

Look at the spread of food my mother-in-law cooked for us! Yummy!

Denise received many presents and even had a BARNEY cake! It is Denise's gift from my mother-in-law. She ordered from Smiling Orchid which is supposed to be famous for their kids-themed cake. For her 2nd birthday, we bought her an ELMO cake. You can read more of her 2nd birthday in one of my earlier posts.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Orange Picnic Day (28 July 2006)

Last week, in school, Denise learnt the letter "O". In Letterland, "O" is represented by Oscar Orange! We were told that the class will be having a Orange Picnic Day on Friday. All the students are required to wear something orange to school and bring an orange-coloured food for the picnic. As it turns out, most of her classmates brought orange juice to school.... (I guess, for parents, that's the easiest to prepare!!!) Needless to say, I prepared orange juice too!

Next week is "P"; Peter Puppy... Hmm...bring one to school? :p

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Denise 1st Haircut

Denise was born with "not much" hair... Both of us decided not to shave her hair when she was 1 mth old because she already didn't have much....:p Can you imgaine how excited we were when we could finally fix a tiny clip unto her hair when she was 15 mths old?

One fine day (22 Jan 2006), JX brought Denise along to Jurong Point for his haircut and he decided to give me a "surprise"! This was what I saw when I came back! JX had her fringe cut!

On 9th April 2006, when Denise was 2 yrs, 3 mths & 17 days old, we brought her for a 1st real haircut. She was such a darling! Even the hair-dresser commented that she is so obedient. We didn't even need to "bribe" her with sweets. After her cut, she even asked the hairdresser to blow dry her hair. What a pro, huh?

Our "D" Family (Daniel, Dawn & Denise)

dRecently, on separate occasions, our friends have been commenting that Denise is very cute. However, they will follow-up with the comment that they cannot tell who she resembles more... Hmm... It makes us wonder if that means neither one of us is "cute-looking"....hahahhaha

Anyway, this has always been a common discussion topic between us. It's true that Denise does not really resemble us very much. Some people say she looks like JX, while others say she looks like me. Personally, I think she looks more like JX but ONE thing for sure, her character is like me!!! (at least I win in ONE area...:)...)

She can be very "D"; when she wants something, SHE WANTS SOMETHING!!! That can be rather horrifying as I cannot stand people that are too "D" 'cos I am already very "D". I finally found my match! Sigh... I "created" my match!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sweetie Pie

Lately, people have been telling me that Denise has leadership qualities. Her teacher, Ms Fiona, even wrote in her Communication Book that she mixes well with the older children and would even tell them what to do! And the interesting thing is...they listen to her!!!

I was very concern that she will get too "bossy" and gets into argument or fights with her friends. I told Ms Fiona to help monitor her behavior in school. I was sharing my concern with Connie today and she commented that at her age, it is good that Denise is leading and telling others what to do. It is better than being told what to do! It shows that she is taking initiatives and will not be easily bullied by other kids too (is that right???).

Talking about bully, Denise is really a sweetie pie that will not get bullied easily. She has this amazing smile and sweetness in her that no matter how big a mistake or offence she has committed, you will not get angry with her for long. She will come to you immediately, stroke your face, flash her mega-watt smile at you and say "sorrieeeeee"... Sigh, all the frustration and anger simply melt away...

Just look at the way she poses with Javier...

Even her teachers in school commented that Denise is very sweet!

It's either a girly thingy, or she simply knows how to win people over...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Working Mothers

Yesterday evening, while waiting for taxi at Suntec, I saw Klessis carrying Joey in her baby sling and walking towards the bus stop. That brought a lot of memories back...

I used to do that when Denise was very young. As young as 2 months old, she was already following me to office at Suntec every morning. I remember carrying her in her Mothercare sling in front and carrying my Samsonite backpack behind. We will take Bus 502 all the way from Jurong to Suntec. Those days were easy because she will sleep throughout the journey!

For a working mum, it is a joy to be able to bring your child to work everyday. We get to play with them during lunch and will not miss out on their infancy years. Whenever Klessis bring Joey out from nursery, all the female staff will rush to play with Joey. Kids do bring warmth and joy to the, otherwise cold (in terms of temperature; not environment!) office. And they are great stress-relievers too! I even have female friends asking me if there is vacancy in our office. They want to work here so that they can bring their children to work with them :)

My office nursery provides childcare for toddlers not older than 30 months only. Auntie Shirley and Auntie Liying take care of all the children. Denise just past 2 and a half years old and is at the age where she should receive some form of learning. She will no longer come to work with me. I drop her off in school every morning and fetch her from school after work.

I miss carrying her around everywhere I go...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Birthday Parties

A few years back, our weekends were spent attending our friends' weddings. The "busiest" year had to be 2001; we almost had a wedding invitation for every weekend that year!

After having Denise, we have progressed from attending weddings to attending her friends' birthday parties.

This was Denise's 2nd birthday celebration in Suntec Office. All her nursery buddies were invited.

Some birthday parties she has attended:

Birthday parties has evolved to more than just singing birthday songs and cutting birthday cakes. Recently, Denise's 6 yrs old friend, Alicia, had a rather interesting one. All of us took the Hippo (topless!!!) bus from her place to Liang Court. All the children were treated to a Kids' Baking Class by The Academy. Alicia even get to decorate her own birthday cake!

One of her classmate's parents rented an inflatable slide and had it placed right outside her classroom! During playtime, everyone took turns sliding down that giant slide. As usual, the teachers told me that Denise was "super-garang"; she did not even wait for the teachers to hold her hand!

I'd better start thinking of what to do for her coming 3rd birthday...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Denise Goes To School

Denise started attending Pat's Schoolhouse - Halifax on 3rd July 2006. I enrolled her on a Full Day programme from 7a.m. to 7p.m. However, lessons only starts from 9a.m. and school officially dismiss at 6p.m.

Every morning she has to wake up at 8a.m., wash up and get dressed. We try to reach school by 8.45a.m. so that at least she has about 15mins for breakfast before music class starts at 9a.m.

Denise is in the Squirrel Nutkin Class. Her English teacher is Teacher Fiona, who was also the teacher that taught her when she was attending enrichment class at Playworkz. Teacher Fiona will shower her after lunch and "pat pat" her during her afternoon nap.

Every student is given a Pat's Schoolhouse schoolbag. It is big enough for me to put an extra set of clothes, undergarments, bathing towel and diapers (just in case...) for Denise everyday.

There's also a Communication Book where teachers and parents can leave notes for each other. Parents can communicate any instructions, make queries about their child's development, share a thought or suggestion. Teachers can also use the book to send home reminders, notes and instructions for parents. I thought this is a great way for parents and teachers to work in partnership to give their children the best preschool experience.

Denise loves going to school. She will wave bye bye to me every morning. She is afterall what everyone says "an independent girl"!

I will try to snap some pictures of Denise's school and post them here!

Getting Started

I have FINALLY started a blog for my princess Denise Lim. People say kids grow up so fast and it's true! I have already missed recording 2 of her growing up years and I have decided to start a blog for her TODAY!

Denise was born on 27 Dec 2003 and that makes her 2 years, 6 months and 20 days old today! To cut the long introduction short, I have some of her growing up pictures here.

More pictures of Denise in Playworkz...
That's all for the quick introduction of my PRINCESS!