Thursday, March 25, 2010

CHC’s New Home: Suntec Convention Centre

Much has been discussed over the cyberspace about our shift into Suntec Singapore next March, 2011. So are we "co-owners", "tenants", "investors", "shareholders"??? Instead of joining the "kaypohs", "concerned" members and other CHC members in discussion boards and forums, I decided to write my thoughts in my "own space" here...

After 3 weeks, I have SO MUCH to say! I think this is going to be looooonnngggg.... Just allow me to pour out my thoughts... And these are just personal thoughts and opinions. Btw, if you are here for updates on my kids only, you can ignore this post. Otherwise, enjoy reading!

Why do we need a 12,000 auditorium?
- We are BIG! We need SPACE!

- Have you ever questioned your friend why does he want to buy a 5 room flat and not stay in 3 or even 2 rooms flat? I have a friend who stays in a 7 rooms bungalow, not counting 2 maids rooms. His household is huge! There are 7 adults, 5 children and 3 maids living in the house. If your household is big, it makes sense to find a bigger accommodation.

- We are a 33,000 "household" and we have been living under different "roofs" at different timings. Suntec is ideal as it can house us all "under one roof".

Why spend so much money?
- Did you contribute?

- If no, why ask so much?

- If yes, have we not learnt that when we give, we give to an institution, in this case, a church. It is our attitude of giving that pleases God. When we give, we release the "ownership" of that finance and "allow" God to do whatever He wants with it. The money does not belong to us anymore. Trust that God will direct His church and its leaders to make wise decision with the finances. And even if they don't, they are answerable to God; not us. If you cannot trust the leadership, don't give.

- The general feel is most of the CHC members are happy to give. So, let's focus on rejoicing and celebrating that we are going to move into Suntec next March!!!

But the Church must be transparent...
- Sigh, transparent to who?

- If you are open to listen, then the doors of discussion and sharing are always open. But many in the cyberspace are just "always not satisfied" with the answers given. A few already have fixed mindsets and they insist that there is some conspiracy theory going on. "There must be something they are not tell us..." :(

- Hello, this is Singapore! There's COC, audit firms, URA, MCYS and other governing bodies your mind can ever imagine. We want to build a legacy for many generations to come. We are not building a church with an expiry date. Ultimately, the church is accountable to God. Trust the leadership!

Why Suntec then?
- Would you let a good deal passes you by? Many are curious and a few totally upset that CHC is moving to Suntec. I bet if we are moving to Mandai, no one will even bother... But why settle for anything less when we could "stay" in prime location? Orchard/River Valley or Sembawang? For me, central location, ANYTIME!

So are we "co-owners", "investors", "tenants" or "shareholders"?
- Sorry, but my take on this is..... WHATEVER!

- Maybe I am naive and ignorant (like what the netizens will call the majority of CHC members), the fact of the matter is, I gave to the Building Fund and prayed 5 years for a building in the Marketplace. Suntec is my prayer come true! Give me space to rejoice and celebrate! Do I go into the details of faulting "who says this" and "who says that"? Sorry, I am still rejoicing and have no time to find fault :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

P1 Sports Day

Sorry guys! I have been extremely busy.... Busy with work, busy with packing and preparing to shift, busy because the children are having their school holidays... So let me keep this short and simple.

Denise's Games Day in school took place on the last day of Term 1. The entire school hall was converted into a Sports Hall. The children represented their Houses in simple circuit games designed by the teachers. The atmosphere was "high" as the House took turns to cheer their house-mates...:)

Denise belongs to Olson House and her team-1J came in FIRST for her game. Her House "Olson" was overall 2nd :)

Perhaps she got some sports genes from her parents... Haha!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Birthday Party @ McD

Didn't bring my camera; pardon the bad pictures...

Denise attended her FIRST birthday party for 2010. Her FMS(P) classmate celebrated his birthday at McDonalds.

There were the usual stuff... Goodie bags, games and food! You can never go wrong with a McDonald party.

Fever & Visit To The Dentist

Last Saturday, Debbie had low grade fever. Eventually she developed runny nose and had to keep her from school on Monday.

Denise was "not so fortunate". She developed high fever on Sunday and had to miss school on Monday. We discovered that she had an erupting front lower tooth!

I was SUPER worried that her adult tooth will come out crooked.... Brought her to the dentist immediately! To my surprise, he advised against removing the baby teeth. He gently explained to me why...

- Denise's jaw is growing. This explains the gaps developing in her front teeth.
- When the baby tooth drops, her tongue will automatically pushes the erupting tooth forward.
- If I want to remove her baby tooth, he will have to inject anesthetic which will be quite traumatic for Denise.
- So his advise was... Everyday, use her fingers to "shake" and loosen her 2 front teeth. The idea is to quicken the process and let the front teeth drop by themselves. In the event that they are loose but not dropping yet, he can easily apply anesthetic cream to remove them, instead of using a jab...:)

So, with much assurance, I decided to wait...:)

As for Debbie, dentist advised not to remove her decaying teeth but to continue brushing them to slow down the process. She is already using a fluoride children toothpaste so that will help a lot! If we want to remove them, which is unnecessary at the moment, she might have to be under GA. As of now, the teeth are still fine...:)