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Gosh! Cannot imagine that it has been 1.5 years since I last blogged...

Ok... Will restart from here :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday To Denise!

Happy 9th Birthday Denise!

Denise's favorite little friends :)

Birthday wishes came true!
Thank you everyone for coming :) Denise had a great time and it was truly a Smiggles birthday! Thanks for all the presents.... :)

Holi Good Days in HK / Shenzhen / Macau

Our last trip to Hong Kong was 5 years ago when Debbie was 5 months old. This trip was to fulfill a promise that we made to the kids... We embarked on our 8D7N trip to HK/Shenzhen/Macau.

The trip would not be complete without a night stay in Disneyland
Mickey never changed. But oh boy.....look at us!

Look better as we aged.... :)

Merry Christmas from Disneyland!

Interlaken @ Shenzhen

A must-take pic for all travellers to Macua

Back to HK for more shopping!!

Final LOOT!
Words fail to tell the good times we had, the good food we ate and the great company that we had during this trip! Yeah!!!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Happenings in August

This blog has been quiet. This is like a half-time post to say that we are still here :) Finding the motivation to continue blogging :p Some happenings in August...

Day out at Port of Lost World - Sentosa

Zoo Outing with CG

My birthday celebration with S49 @ Two Chefs

Birthday dinner with friends @ House

Birthday lunch with Mad @ Prive Keppel

Birthday lunch with friends at TCC Keppel

Birthday dinner with my favourite people @ La Braceria
August had been a feasting month! Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why I Have 2?

This post was inspired by my fellow mummy bloggers who blogged about their decisions to have 1, 2 or 3...

As for me, I had Denise when I was 28; it was 2 years into our marriage. By today's standard, that was considered young... It was not an accident :) We made an informed decision.

It was not the Baby Bonus (there was none for first kid in 2003), not the CDA (as a young couple, we did not have the luxury of saving any extras), not the maternity leave (I only took 2 months), nor was it the reduced maid levy (we did not have a maid then).

We simply wanted kids and felt that it was time to add some excitement to our marriage life. We were very contented with just 1 kid. Denise got easier and easier to handle as she grew up. We had no plans to have another one.....until....

JX and myself both came from a family of 2. We were both the younger one. I appreciated that when there was a family decision to be made, especially one that concerned our parents, I had my sister to share the burden with. Whether financial or mental responsibilities, it was good to know that I was not making the decision alone.

This may sound a bit too far now....but during my Dad's funeral, I had a sibling to rotate night shifts with me :) And we had each other when we were going through the loss...

So, Debbie came along 4 years later. It was (again!) not an accident; we planned for her :) We felt that the gap was ideal as Denise would be in P1 when Deb was ready for pre-school. Considering the huge preschool fee, we thought that it would be good to "stagger" the expenses....

Fast forward, Denise would be 9 in December and Deb just turned 5.... Life had been great and I always enjoy watching them play together. During days where we had to stay at home or when we were having our own family time, I was glad that they had each other to play with.

Having a boy or girl was never the concern for me, I simply wanted to give Denise a companion and I thank God that Debbie completed the family :)

So, now the question is.....will I have a third one? Well, never say never.... And if I do have another one, the decision would not depend on whether there was enough Baby Bonus, CDA or any perks that the government is offering.... And accidents :)
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Debbie!

Had an early celebration for Debbie at Pat's Schoolhouse. Mummy knows a little about balloon sculpture and decided to entertain her classmates with some balloons, guns and animals :)

I ordered party trays from Prima Deli and collected them from the KKH branch. We had cheese tarts, muffins, chiffon cakes, fruits tarts and chocolate pastries. The pastries were fresh and tasty :)

I ordered the Dancing Princess cupcakes for Deb. The cake was made up of 24 cupcakes; unique design. Deb and the children loved the cupcakes and she had a great time celebrating with her friends.

Weekend, she invited some friends for another celebration at home.

This time she had a Barbie agar-agar cake. It was too pretty to be eaten :)

Kids had fun and Debbie received alot of presents! Thanks to everyone for making it so special for her :)

On her actual day, we bought her an ice-cream cake from Swensen's :) 3 celebrations and 3 different kinds of birthday cakes!

Thank you for 5 fun-filled years! You have definitely brought much joy into our lives :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

IKEA - Smaland Book of Records

Recently we discovered that Debbie has a new talent! She is amazingly good with the hula-hoop. Incidenttly, IKEA was holding a "Smaland - Book of Records" event and we registered her for the Hoopla Challenge. Children had to compete to make as many rounds as they can within a minute.

Saturday morning, we set off to IKEA Tampines.... All ready for the fun!

Debbie turned out to be the youngest and smallest-sized contestant among the 8 of them! And she had the biggest hoop :p The crowd cheered the loudest when she started twirling round and round.

I think they were not expecting her to "do well"....:) She actually stopped at 55secs. She thought she had to stop when the emcee started to count down. Anyway, she still did an amazing 149 per min! (The winner did 191!!! You can see her standing behind Deb in the pic below)

The event ended with a magic show and lucky draw. The kids had fun at the event and brought back goodie bags with snacks and Smaland products.

Thanks IKEA for a good time :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Denise planned a Lucky Dip for all the fathers over the Father's Day weekend. She wanted to do something to appreciate all the fathers. So we bought her some simple snacks and small items for her. She went round Expo approaching fathers that she knows and wished them "Happy Father's Day".

Not bad for a 9 years old :) I cannot remember what was I doing at Primary 3.