Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cycling "Outing"

Denise went for her first serious "riding" outing this evening. She was feeling better and I decided to bring her out for some fresh air. It started pouring when we went downstairs and she had to cycle at the void deck instead.

Ha ha...she got tired after cycling for a few rounds and probably think that pushing the bicycle is more fun than sitting on it.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Absent From School Again!

I brought Denise to the doctor last night. He verified that the ONE and ONLY spot on her back was not chicken-pox (phew!). However, she was having a slight fever (37.4 degrees) and mild wheezing. Doctor gave her paracetemol, syrup for cough and runny nose. He said that it was most likely a mild case of bronchitis and should go away in a day or 2. Praise the Lord!!!

Well, today is my 31st birthday and I will be staying at home to fulfill my motherhood duty - to look after my princess... :)

This morning, she woke up asking me why can't she go to school. I took the opportunity to explain to her that she is not well and must take her medication if she wants to go back to school soon. Satisfied with my explanation, she gladly ate her breakfast and watch Playhouse Disney. Hahah....she'll never be bored at home!

I believe the explanation works because she was so co-operative when I asked her to take her medication. Have you ever seen a child looking so happy and excited taking her OWN medication? That's my SUNSHINE!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

First "MC" From School

Today is Denise FIRST "MC" from school. I brought her to school this morning and she was feverish, 37 degrees. Her teacher wanted me to monitor her at home as there were reported cases of chicken pox from school last week. As Monday is my off day from work, I gladly brought her home.

Ever since she started school, I do miss spending time playing with Denise. Even though I have the whole Monday to myself and can enjoy some privacy, I do miss her "nonsense" and presence (sometimes)...

It was divine that I arranged for the part-time cleaner to come today. I did not have to worry about doing the house chores while Denise is resting at home. After her lunch and nap, if she is still feverish, I intend to bring her to the doctor. In fact, I've already planned to bring her to Jurong Point for a walk later.

Meantime, she is entertaining herself with "Teacher Barney". One thing good about Denise is that she is always so bright and cheery... As a baby, she would smile and play as normal even when she was having a fever. One of my friends commented that she is so "SUNSHINE". Whether in sickness or in health, she definitely brightens up our lives... :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Denise = 2 yrs 7 mths 25 days

Denise is growing up... Last week I brought Denise back to Suntec nursery to visit Auntie Shirley and Auntie Liying. A friend's maid commented that she has grown up and is a very good girl now. I believe that going to school not only enriched her but also helped her to relate to others better. The teachers in Pat's really helped me monitor her behaviour and they do have a genuine passion for children. Yes, the school fees is steep; but for the benefit of my princess... It's all worth it!

After going to school, I noticed that Denise has learned a lot.
- She loves to sing. She sings songs from church, nursery rhymes from school and any songs she hears us play from the player.
- She is learning to spell her name.
- She knows that JX and my birthday are in June and August respectively.
- She learns alphabets from Letterland...
- And many more.

For parents who are thinking if they should put their children in school, YES! I read somewhere that young children are like dry sponges, they can absorb anything you throw at them, whether good or bad. Some form of learning is essential.

It is definitely rewarding seeing them grow up!

Recently, she took a picture with her friends in Suntec nursery. See how they have grown. From left to right: Danzel, Denise, Jadalyn and Christian. How adorable!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Denise @ NPD 2006

Yesterday (9 Aug 2006) was Singapore 41th National Day! The Strikeforce was performing and Tan Boon gave JX 3 NDP tickets. Days before National Day, we kept telling Denise that we are bringing her to see FIREWORKS!

We were all dressed in RED and reached the Stadium at 6pm. The entire event lasted about 2.5hr. We were so tired after that. Denise fell asleep on the way home and JX slept after taking his shower and dinner!

And me? I was unpacking the FUNPACK; see the amount of stuff they gave this year...:)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Denise 2nd Haircut

Today is our 5th Wedding Anniversary! We started off our day by having breakfast with my Dad at Boon Lay Hawker Center. After breakfast, we decided to go for a walk. Guess what? We ended up bringing Denise for her 2nd haircut!

She was a real darling; did not make any fuss and was fully cooperative with every instruction the hairdresser gave - "look in front", "look down", "close your eyes", "don't move" etc.

The haircut only costs us $6 and the entire process lasted not more than 15mins and this is how she looks after that! Neat and pretty huh?

National Day Performance

Lately, Denise has been singing and dancing to some "national" songs at home; in preparation for her National Day performance in school. She has been singing "Singapura" and "We are Singapore" at home, shaking and jumping to the songs. JX even downloaded the songs from the Internet so that she can "practice". Parents were informed to dress their children in RED for the occasion.

The day finally came and I dressed Denise in the RED dress that Auntie Mel bought for her. I even wanted to take leave so that I can be there for her FIRST PUBLIC performance! My boss was kind enough to give me 2 hours off instead! I reached her school just in time to watch her class perform. What a thrill seeing Denise jumping, shaking and singing along with the music! She even had her face painted!

I was like a proud celebrity mum; keep snapping pictures and the teachers even tell me that Denise is a natural performer!

I am certainly looking forward to her next performance!