Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Denise received a Cupcake Making machine from Aunty Val last Christmas. It's almost a year (almost...) and she has not made ONE for Aunty Val. I decided to use up all the ingredient to make some last Saturday. Only managed to make 4; 1 each for Denise and Debbie, the other 2 for Aunty Val and Aunty Yan.

Denise - making the mixture

Debbie - preparing the cupcake holder

Denise - pouring the mixture into the cupcake holder

Debbie - placed the container inside the microwave for 1 min

Denise - VOILA! Add the icing and it's done!

Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the finished product. 1 thing I know, they were edible.. haha...:)

Denise's P1 Orientation

Last Saturday was Denise's P1 Orientation at FMS(P). I did not realise that the school has changed their name from FMPS to FMS(P)...

The parents attended a briefing by the Principal and Vice-Principal at the School Hall. After which, we were being ushered to a classroom for some administrative matters. We had to fill up 8 forms!!! One father commented that it felt like taking examinations again...:p

The children assembled in the school canteen. They went to their classrooms and met their form teachers. Denise told me that she did an English and Maths worksheet in class. Asked her if she can do them; she said Yes. Asked her if she got them all right; she said not sure... Haha... Is the kiasu-syndrome coming out from me already?

I fetched Denise from her class after filling up all the forms! She had already gone for a tour around the school compound and wanted to bring me to her favourite spot!

It is a "walk-in" aquarium!

We had lunch in the canteen (an opportunity to check out the quality of the food). Nasi Lemak and Mee Rebus at $1 each; Sushi - 4 pcs for 60cts... Edible; but not exactly fantastic... Well, what am I expecting? :)

Before we left, we settled Denise's busing and visited the FILA booth. Wanted to buy school shoes for her but the velcro type is SOLD OUT for her size. Well, buy another day then...:)

Exciting day! Looking forward to her first day in FMS(P) next year... Whoo! Whoo!

Breakfast @ Riders Cafe

Denise's KL buddies came and visit us. We met for breakfast at Riders Cafe. It is located at 51 Fairways Drive, Bukit Timah Saddle Club. Quite "out of the city" feel; nice place...:) Once in a while, you can see horses trotting by. A bit pricey but worth the visit...:)

The kids waiting for their food to be served.

JX's - Riders Breakfast Set.

Mine - Egg Florinetine (Very fresh!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Furniture Sale

Dear FAITHFUL Readers:

I am helping a friend to sell some furniture. You can also find them listed in Ebay. Below are just a few of the items for Sale. You may view full listings here: http://picasaweb.google.com/dawnlpc/Furniture#

If you are interested, do send me an email.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

One Of My Favourite Photo

The 3 most precious people in my life...:)

Tea @ Body Inc by The Health Club

Met a friend for Tea at Body Inc, Health-T-Bar. The drinks and food served are all healthy stuff...:) And definitely looks so pretty.... If you are looking for a relaxing place to hangout and do some quiet reading in Orchard, try visiting them at Ngee Ann City, #05-19

Tofu with pumpkin sauce, Cucumber with some special sauce, Tea Leaf Egg

This is a MUST TRY! Peppermint with Sour Plum

Ginseng Jelly

Customised Flower Tea

Coolest Video!

One of the coolest video I have ever seen!

Opening of Oprah 24th Season in Chicago!!!