Thursday, July 26, 2007

Debbie - My Baby Sister (10 July 2007)

Finally, Mummy is back to update my blog... (Thousand apologies to all my fans out there! Mummy is still deciding if Debbie and I should share a single blog...)

After a rough count, more than 74 family and friends came to visit Mummy and Debbie in the hospital! We received loads and loads of Pampers (sizes ranging from Newborn - M), countless boxes of Chicken Essence, ang bao and many other gifts... Thanks to all Uncles and Aunties for your generosity!

Daddy and Mummy says that Debbie looks like me... What do you think?One thing for sure... I am definitely enjoying being a BIG SISTER! For those thinking of stopping at ONE, do not deprive your only child of enjoying sibling relationships...:)

Chinese New Year Performance

This is a super-outdated post. I just downloaded these photos from my camera to make space for Debbie's photos.

Denise performing in Pat's Schoolhouse during this year's Chinese New Year. Early in the morning, the school was already filled with proud parents, ready to capture every moment of their children's performance.

Denise was dressed up too! I took half day so that I can spend some time at the Fund-raising Carnival with her and of course, to capture as many photos as I can of her dancing and singing...:)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mummy Warded!

Denise came to visit me when I was warded in the hospital for observation recently. It was a preview of how it would be like when I deliver Debbie next week.

She kept asking why must I stay in the hospital... Can she stay with me... Who is going to pat her to sleep... But she is indeed a reasonable girl! When it was time to go home, she gladly kissed goodbye and left with JX.

But when she was home, JX had to distract her with her new Polly Pocket toy. She woke up in the middle of the night crying for me...but JX managed to put her back to sleep. Wonder how it would be like when I get warded for 3 days after my delivery!!!

Another Birthday! Nicole Tay (19 Jun 2007)

Denise attended another birthday in Suntec Nursery. This time Nicole was celebrating her 2nd birthday!
Denise was very excited. She was all over the cake when the people were singing Happy Birthday song to Nicole.

Even though it's in December, I am already thinking what birthday cake should I get for her 4th birthday!...:)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Time Out!!!

Sorry to all my fansss....out there.....:(

Mummy has been too pregnant with Debbie. Please forgive her for not updating my blog regularly and faithfully.

I will be back soon!