Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tips: Feeding Your Kid Tablet

Denise was down with throat infection on Sunday. Googled and found that Raffles Medical @ Clementi Avenue 3 opens from 8.30 a.m. - 1 p.m. on a Public Holiday.

It was the FIRST time Denise was prescribed with medication in tablet form. Doc advised that syrup form would be too mild for her height and age. She would have to drink "tons" of it to get the right dosage :)

First, it's hard. Second, it's bitter. Lastly, she would have difficulty swallowing due to her infected throat. Below was what I did.

1) Crush the tablets. Forget those pill crusher. 2 metal spoons can easily do the job.

2) Crush everything at one go. Faster for them to swallow at one go. They only "taste" the bitterness once.

3) Mix a little of plain water with the crushed pills. Give your kid a little dip at the tongue to "warn" them of the bitterness.

4) Do not gulp down water so as to reduce the tendency to vomit everything out. Instead, take sips of water and gargle before swallowing the water.

Denise complained about the bitterness but managed to hold the medicine in her stomache.

If you have other tried and tested methods, please feel free to share :)