Monday, April 19, 2010


For those of you who follow my children's blog.... Denise and Debbie are doing very well! Growing well, doing well in Pat"s and Fairfield :) The problem is me...:p I think I lost the "motivation" to continue blogging.

These few pictures are proof that they are still the same adorable and cute princesses in my life.

Denise performing at the Thong Chai Charity Show with YoungTalents

Her recent 2nd visit to the Dentist; had 3 fillings

Designed her own t-shirt during Children's Church elective program

Playing "make-up" together

Karting with Isaac @ WQest Coast Park

Attending Joey's birthday celebration @ Rid-Out Garden

Here you go, my 2 princesses!

Since Denise is starting to write and type, I will let her update her own blog...:) Stay tuned!