Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally!!! It Happened!

Debbie fell off the bed on Tuesday...:(

I left her sleeping on our bed; between me and her cot. But now that she is going to be 8 months, she is "strong" enough to move her cot and fell...sigh

My only consolation is that Denise fell at 5 months and Debbie....3 months later....:p

Debbie is alright. Had a shock but recovered quickly.... Playing and crawling after that!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tai Ran's Birthday @ Safra Kids' Adventure

Denise's classmate, Tai Ran, celebrated his 5th birthday at Safra Kids' Adventure. It is actually an indoor playground for the children.

The kids started playing in the playground and then proceed to a private room for refreshment and cake-cutting. Tai Ran's parents were very thoughtful! Girls were given princess-themed paper plates and servettes, while the boys were given those printed with "Cars" characters.

After cake-cutting, the children went back to the Playground for Round 2...:)

Back to School!

After being certified "cleared" by the doctor, Denise finally went back to school on Feb 19 (Tue). She was very excited! However, I still had to take another week of leave to monitor Debbie at home. In case she gets infected by Denise.

So far, Debbie is clear...:) Active and enjoying staying at home with mummy...:)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chicken Pox (Day 2)

Even though down with Chicken Pox, Denise is still as active as ever. Nothing gets her down... Thanks to the vaccination...:)

So far, 4 spots only. 2 on her left ears and 2 on her back! The cream prescribed by doctor will quicken the drying process. So far no more blisters...:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Saw 2 red spots on Denise's back last night! One of them with a blister.....:(

"I thought she took the vaccination?"
"Why did she still get it?"
"Where did we go last week?"
"Who did we come into contact with?"
"Why was there no sign of fever?"....

Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind.... Sigh, have to take urgent child sick leave!

Doctor says it will be a MILD outbreak; most likely will last from 1-3 days. Gave us anti-viral medication and 2 weeks MC. Told us to go back 3 days later when the scab begins to dry up and fall off; he will shorten the MC so that she can go back to school.

Keep the house well-ventilated. Minimise hugs and kisses. No specific food to avoid; basically keep Denise happy as she will feel uncomfortable.

As of now, only 4 spots...:) Will post a few pictures once I finish charging the battery for the digital camera.

Debbie? Well, trying to keep her away from Denise...:)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

It's the time of the year again... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
Denise's teacher brought the K1 and K2 students to Chinatown. Each student has to bring $10 for the outing. After that, hey had steamboat for lunch.... Yummy!

On Feb 5 (Tue), parents were invited to watch their children put up performances in school. Denise has been talking about this and reminding us to be there...:) JX took off and I applied for half-day leave.
All the children were beaming with joy when they saw their parents! Blame me for being biased...but I think Denise was outstanding!!! We even overheard a couple commenting that she has potential.... Hmm....potential to be???

Denise's class performed 3 items.
1) English CNY song
2) Chinese Dance
3) Chinese CNY song

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bounce & Hop

Nowadays, Debbie prefers being carried in a standing position rather than lying in her rocker. She probably feels more excited being able to bounce and hop, using both her legs. I decided to borrow this Bounce & Hop toy that Stephanie has.

Whenever we have our meal, we will leave Debbie bouncing and hopping in it! She seems to enjoy it very much!