Thursday, August 27, 2009

Selecting A School For Your Child

Where should I begin? My choice of Primary School for Denise is limited to Queenstown area because we wanted to stay near my in-laws as we foresee that we will need their help when Denise goes to Primary 1.

We have always liked Dover; quiet, small and assessible (as compared to Jurong...:p). So our Primary School choice was narrowed to just Fairfield Methodist Primary School. Cut the long story short: We managed to enrol her into FMPS without balloting for Phase 2C...:) (balloting was conducted for those staying 1-2km from school)

This morning, one colleague asked me, "I have flashes of memory; seeing Denise in Fairfield uniform before..."

Haha....yes! Yes! Yes! Last November, I needed to borrow a set of school uniform for Denise's performance at Asia Conference 2008. I managed to borrow a set of FMPS uniform from a friend's friend! Talking about visualization and confession! For those planning for schools... It works!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

K2 Graduation Photo-taking

Last Thursday, Denise had to wake up at 7am to reach school at 730am for her K2 Graduation Photo-taking. The teachers were already busy dressing up the children when we arrived. All the boys were in white shirts and white pants, with red bow-tie and cumber belts. The girls were all in white dresses...:) i.e. the traditional outfit for Pat's Schoolhouse K2 graduating students. A beautiful sight!

After getting ready, it was some "kodak-moments" with her classmates and teachers.

We walked to Kampong Java Park for the photoshoot. There were a few standard shots they had to take. Throwing their scrolls...

Group photo with her teachers and principal.

Caught a closed-up shot of Denise...:)

Wactch out this space for more events lining up to her graduation...:)

Ethan's 6th Birthday Party

Last Sunday, Denise and Debbie attended Ethan's 6th birthday celebration at Kidz Amaze @ Safra Jurong. The place is an ideal place for birthday parties especially when you are expecting a huge kids turn-out!

Ethan had a "runway" cake from eCreative...:) And the playground was HUGE!!! The party was held at Butterfly Room. There is a special passage-way that linked the room to the playground. Some of the adults had to accompany their children into the playground. Most of us came out panting...:p

There are many spiral slides. You have to cross your arms in front of your chest to slide down smoothly. Those that tried to break the fall suffered from elbow abrasion...:( This is definitely more fun than any indoor playground I have been to.

Monday, August 17, 2009

National Day Performance

Denise had her National Day Performance in school. Look at the all the eager parents, ready to capture those precious moments!

Not only were the children and staff wearing red and white; many of the parents also turned up in red and white...:)

After the performance, we stayed for the Carnival. The kids were treated to games and free food! There were Nasi Lemak, fishball, nuggets, cakes etc... Below is a clip of Denise's performance...

SOT Graduation 2009

Attended Huimin's graduation last Sunday. The highlight of the service was the SOT performance! Simply mind-blowing! The students were so talented!

Huimin was nominated for Best Academic Performance Award and she emerged the 2nd runner-up! You made us proud!!!

Mum's Birthday Celebration

Celebrated my Mum's birthday at Zhou's Kitchen on Sunday. Went for Hi-Tea Buffet...:) Yummy... we tried almost every dish! The kids were there too; but Debbie was sleeping and Denise hiding behind JX... One of those "I don't want to take photo" mood...:p

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Got Recession?

Was at Sincere Watch Sale Preview this afternoon... Overheard a man telling his friend...

"Wah, this Chopard watch is $10k! Must buy, you must buy!" And the friend took the watch and paid at the counter...

Oh man! Recession? What recession? A group of 20-30 people were crowding around the Franck Muller counter; not mentioning the queue forming at the cashier with their IWC, Longines and Chopard... The man before me bought 3 Christian Dior watches!!! I saw him taking pictures of the watches and probably sending them to the wife or girlfriend...:p

Me? Just 1 humble Christian Dior watch... Haha....


From top left clockwise:
Oreo, Choc-orange, Apple crumble, Strawberry, Bailey' and NY!

I ordered these "pretty and delicious" 3 inches-sized cheesecakes from a friend...:) I love them all; rich and creamy. JX's favourite is Apply crumble.

For price and more info: email to

Sunday, August 02, 2009

CHC 20th Anniversary

Denise was part of the Children's Choir during the CHC 20th Anniversary Service. The entire team of musicians, singers, dancers and choir consists of children aged from 5-14 years old! It was amazing seeing them performed! Truly the NEXT generation!

A short clip of her on stage! She should be easily spotted; standing extreme right on the 3rd row... Haha...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Astons @ SIA Sports Club

Went Astons @ SIA Sports Club for dinner after service @ Expo. Indoor dining is open for members only. As the restaurant was empty, the staff kindly allowed us to dine inside. It is very near to Expo and usually the restaurant is rather empty. We get to have the whole place to ourselves!

The children get to play at the waiting area. They were all pretending to be in a plane...:)

Youngest kid on board - Leonidas!

Denise was waiting for her food to be "served"... Which, of course, we didn't... Just pretend-play.

Cool huh? All the children posing...:)