Sunday, May 16, 2010

Building Relationships

Recently I read an interesting article about parenting teens...

There are times in every family when rules and restrictions must be imposed, even during the teen years. But let me make this point emphatically. Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.

Family psychologist and author Dr Kevin Leman tells of the time he had to leave on a trip just a day or two before Valentine's Day. His wife, Sandy, remarked over the phone that their teenage daughter had received a letter of acceptance from the university she wanted to attend. Dr Leman decided that this event was worth some extra attention. He called a florist and ordered a dozen pink sweetheart roses for his daughter. The next evening when he called home, his daughter got on the phone to thank him from the bottom of her heart.

She said, "When I saw the delivery man at the door, I knew the flowers had to be for Mum, on Valentine's Day. But then I saw my own name on them and thought, my goodness, they must be from my boyfriend. But, Daddy, they were from you. And that was even better."

If you have teens, take time to build relationships in every way you can. Go to their games, their school open-houses. And you might think about flowers for your daughters. That expression of love will come back to you in a hundred ways, especially the next time you have to say "no" to a disappointed teen.

Get involved and be interested in our children's live. I used to ask Denise not to waste money and do not call me unnecessarily during recess-time. However, I realised that if I do not appreciate such gestures now, there will come a time where she will stop calling me. And I will be wondering who she is calling then :p

This applies to discipleship too! Rules without relationship will lead to rebellion. My mentor told me, "If I have a relationship with you, you will thank me when I correct you. But if we do not have a relationship, you will feel offended if I correct you."

A Nice Day

I love God because God gives us power and gifts. Am i right? Debbie is sleeping. shh... I am going to sleep soon. Goodnight and see you!

A Day At St. Regis

A friend bought us a One Night stay at St Regis, complete with $160 dining credits :) It was a "no holds bar" day... We decided to eat anything we want and let the children buy anything they want, no budget :) After checkin, we had lunch at Hard Rock and brought the children to Toy R Us to choose their toys :)

The handsomely decorated room features a king-sized bed luxuriously adorned with signature linens and hand-painted Chinoiserie silk wallpaper. To complement, refined elements such as Jim Thompson silk throw pillows and inviting window seats upholstered with rich designer fabrics add to the artistic composition of the room. A regal writing desk with easy access to the Internet and WiFi. Three phones are located throughout the room at the desk, bedside table and bathroom for your convenience.

Grand French marble bathroom featuring a unique free-standing bathtub as a glamorous centrepiece, separate jet massage shower, AD Norton TV innovatively installed as part of the mirror and double basins. And if you need anything else, you can call the 24-hour signature St. Regis Butlers who will be delighted to extend their bespoke service to all guests.

The outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by a beautifully manicured tropical landscape and flanked by a calming fountain. It is a paradisiacal oasis of serenity and relaxation, far from the bustle of the city below. After a few laps, we chilled out under the shade of cabanas and deck chairs.

The children did not have enough. They continued their waterplay in the bathtub, complete with entertainment :) Denise is enjoying life here!

The children went home in the evening but they joined us again the following morning for breakfast at the Brasserie Les Saveurs. Illuminated by the splendid wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the tropical gardens and sparkling pools, Brasserie Les Saveurs exudes classic European elegance.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trip To The Istana

On May 1, we brought the kids to the Istana. Entrance to the Istana is free for Singapore Residents. For $2 per person, we get to tour the ground level of the Istana Building. Visitors to the Istana Building can also view a special display of selected gifts presented to the President and the Prime Minister. The most unforgettable moment is to have photos taken with President and Mrs Nathan when they come by to greet visitors. However, we left before they came to greet visitors.

I was very excited as it was mine and the children's 1st visit to the Istana. When JX was in SAS, he performed with his school band during one of the Open House.

There was even a playground corner for children. It was definitely a trip worth making for Singaporeans; but once in a lifetime unless they renovate the place.

The next Open House is on 8th August, 2010, if you are interested. Go early; the weather gets hotter and the crowd builds up at noon.