Sunday, August 19, 2007


This week was Debbie's 2nd week back in church. Many parents came up and told me to enjoy her infant stage. They say babies grow up so fast and we will forget how they were when they were babies. And how they wish their children were babies again...:)

I enjoyed every of Denise's growing stage. Whether as an infant, starting solid, sitting, crawling, walking or eventually running... Whether it was carrying her in my sling to work, taking public transport to office every morning or eventually to driving her to school now.

Every moment was sweet and memorable. But I never look back and wish for those moments again... Not that those were dreading moments but I look forward to every new things that she will do. And the surprises she will bring as she grows up!

For parents that think they will forget the growing up years of their children, try blogging! At least blogging ensures that you keep a record of their growing up photos and those unforgettable moments!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Sibling?

Denise attended a Canvas Painting Workshop in school recently. She did a beautiful painting of our family.

If you noticed, she drew something else in my tummy. The teacher told her that Debbie is already out, she replied, "There's another baby in mummy's stomach"... Hmm...

National Day Performance 2007

The photo above was taken last year (8 Aug 2006) during Denise's National Day Performance in school.
And this was taken recently (8 Aug 2007) during her performance this year. She still has the same smile, round cheeks and small eyes but see how much she has grown in a year! (esp. her hair)

FINALLY I learnt how to upload a video. Here is a short clip of her outstanding performance.

And Nicole Choong, if you are reading this, yes...Denise is wearing the T-shirt she borrowed from you...:) Thanks!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sleeping Postures

Some interesting shots I took when the children were sleeping...

1) Denise and Daddy (like father, like daughter)

2) Debbie sleeping on the sofa when Daddy was watching TV in the living room (I told you she is an easy baby..:p...)

3) Denise and Debbie (some peaceful and quiet moments for Mummy)

4) Debbie (doing her "salute" while we were watching the NDP broadcast at home)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Debbie's FIRST Bath

Debbie turns out much eaiser to handle as compared to when Denise was an infant. Debbie enjoys taking her bath!

Denise was different when she was a baby. I remember telling Denise that the "whole of Jurong" can hear her screams when I take a bath for her...:p But she still turns out fine... Now, Denise has no problem going under the shower and letting water (with bubbles!) run down her face! It's something not many children can do...:)