Friday, August 29, 2008

National Day Performance

This year's National Day Celebration in Pat's Schoolhouse was unusual. We had the usual performance by the various levels. Denise was sick for 2 days and missed the rehearsals. However, on the morning itself, her teacher gave her a crash course. She managed to pick up and joined them in both the dance items.

There was a fun fair after the performance. There were free games for the children at the various stations. They have to collect all 7 stamps to redeem a special prize at the end. Prize? A Singapore flag or Singapore flag face tattoo....:)

FREE food were given out too! There were Nasi Lemak, prata, pastries and drinks... It busted the myth that schools always use such events to raise funds....:p Or maybe it is just what I always thought....

Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Car Seat For Debbie

Debbie is past 9kg and her legs are already hanging out of her infant car seat. We decided to start looking for a toddler front-facing car seat for her.

We went to a few places, Robinson, Mothercare, Toy R Us.... and were deciding between a few brands... What a headache! Why are there so many different brands? And at such different prices? Aren't they supposed to just strapped the kids down?

Anyway, after watching High School Musical - The Ice Tour, we went to Metro Sale at Expo Hall 2. We finally bought Debbie's car seat!

A black and grey Lucky Baby Spawtee car seat for $169.

Features :
-Suitable for : GRP I/II
-Protection against the side impact
-5 point safety belt lock
-Adjustable to 6 sitting/ sleeping position
-4 safety belt adjustment combinations
-Easy one-hand adjustment
-4 posititons safety belt adjustment

We got it fixed and she happily sat in it throughout our journey home...:)

High School Musical - The Ice Tour

Finally, Aug 6 (Wed) came and Denise was looking forward to 7p.m.... JX drove us to Singapore Expo and we headed straight to check out the merchandise available for sale. As our tickets were free, we decided to buy something for Denise. It turned out that our tickets were Cat 1 tickets (priced at $59.50 each), so my $50 budget for merchandise was way below the savings...:)

So much to buy.... and finally something caught Denise's eyes!

A "T" necklace...:) It's the necklace that Troy gave to Gabriella in HSM 2! She wanted it so badly. After paying, I put it on for her immediately. And during the break, we bought a tub of popcorn to fill our stomach. After the show, we went to Metro Sale at Hall 5 and saw some HSM T-shirts going for just $7 each!!! We bought 2 for her...

Denise was so excited throughout the show! I was busy taking pictures and she was singing away with the performers. We truly enjoyed ourselves! Thanks, friend, for the tickets!

Conversation With Denise

On the way to work this morning...

Denise: "Mummy, are you thinking of 外公?"

Mummy: "Yes, sometimes I think of him. But it's ok, I'll see him again in heaven."

Denise: "But I don't want you to go to heaven."

Mummy: "We'll all go to heaven, one day."

Denise: "When are you going to heaven?"

Mummy: "When I get older and older, not so soon."

Denise: "Yeah!"

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Maid

*This post has nothing to do with the kids....just allow me to commend my new maid*

After my Dad passed away, we took over the maid who was initially employed to help look after him. I was initially apprehensive about having one since I did not have a good experience with the first one we had.

But this one was good. She is hardworking, can cook, gets along with the children and has a heart to serve...:)

Recently she helped me washed a pair of sandals that JX bought for me. Prior to that, 2 of the studs have dropped off. Last Saturday, I was shocked to find that all the studs were intact!

Curioused, I asked her what happened! And she told me she took 2 studs from her T-shirt and placed them on my sandals!!! I was so touched by her gesture. Even though she says it's a T-shirt that is too small for her, I was touched by her kindness...:)

Now the sandals is complete again...:)

Debbie Is Walking!

Denise walked at 9 months! Last Friday, Debbie finally took off at 13 months! She started with 3 steps, then 5, then 10... Finally recharged my camera and managed to take a short video of her walking...:)