Friday, October 26, 2007

All About Denise

Denise loves to pose!

Whether it is with a "cow" outside Vil-lage, playing inside Marks & Spencer's window display or in Daddy's car... She is always "kodak" ready...:)

Debbie In Pink Lolly

Aunty Mel bought Denise this bodysuit from Japan. It comes with a crop pants. After Denise outgrew it, we decided to keep it because it cost US$80! Last weekend, we went out shopping and it was a good opportunity to let Debbie try it on. It fits!

Debbie: Thank you, Aunty Mel!

My New BabySitter

Denise has always wanted to carry Debbie but we will say NO because Debbie is still fragile. Now that Debbie can hold her head up pretty well, I let Denise try carrying her while SITTING!

China Wine

Denise singing the opening line for China Wine...:)

High School Musical

When I hear others talking about High School Musical, I thought my daughter is too young for it. Well, I was wrong...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Denise the Photographer (3)

Her latest work...

Visit To The Jurong Bird Park

Last Sunday (Oct 14), Kar Weng and Sharon brought Joshua and Denise to the Jurong Bird Park. Denise has never been to the Bird Park and we gladly let her join KW and SS for the trip!

She left in KW's car at 930a.m. and came back at about 1p.m. She could tell us that she saw flamingos, parrots, pigeons and penguins. From the photos, I could tell that it was indeed an exciting trip for her...:)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Going To School

Denise have been attending Pat's Schoolhouse since July 2006. See how much she has grown!!!

She used to wear whatever I choose and ask me to carry her bag for her. Nowadays, she will choose her own outfit and carry her own bag.

Princess Jigsaw Puzzle

I completed a 500 pieces Princess jigsaw puzzle for Denise's room. Denise helped by fixing the LAST few pieces of puzzle...:)

Had it framed up and waiting to be hanged in her bedroom!

Quality Time with Denise

Ever since Debbie arrived, I feel that sometimes I neglected spending time with Denise. I was determined not to let her feel left out.

I took half day last Friday to spend some quality time with Denise alone. Left Debbie in Suntec Nursery and brought Denise for some shopping. Bought her a girlie PINK handbag from Fox and took her to playground.

Debbie Baby Dedication - Oct 13, 2007 (Saturday)

Debbie had her Baby Dedication on Oct 13, 2007 (Saturday) in church. It was also her first time wearing a dress...:)


This is the first time Debbie goes out with something nicer, other than full-suit rompers. Outfit sponsored by GUESS...:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Debbie - 3 Months

Debbie turned 3 months on Oct 10. She can lift her head now. This photo makes her eyes look real big...:p

Ballet Class

I signed Denise up for a trial Bebe Ballet Class at Crestar. The class is meant for kids below 4 years old. Even though Denise is only turning 4 this December, she is the tallest in the class and she did not want to join in the activity. I think she feels that the children are too young for her...:p

After 15mins into the class, I brought her out to visit other classes.

Bad decision!!! She got stuck in the playground instead...:( I spotted a class for older children and suggested we go for a look.

Good decision!!! She says she wanted to join this class... I have to explain to her that she must attend the younger class before she can dance like that.

Finally we went back to the Bebe Class and they were doing the last routine. When the teacher asked the children to queue for their stickers, Denise's eyes lit up! She joined the queue and collected her sticker (for doing nothing...:)...hahhaha)

Well, maybe I should enrol her for Classical Ballet class for 4-5 years old children instead. Keep you posted!

Getting Ready For Work

7 a.m. - Debbie wakes up for morning feed
7.30 a.m. - After feed, change Debbie into her "office wear"
7.45 a.m. - Take my shower and wake JX up
By this time, Debbie will either have fallen back to sleep (as above) or lying there waiting for us to get ready.
8 a.m. - Wake Denise up, wash her up, dress her and get ready to leave

Some people ask me how do I manage without a maid... Well, it is tedious but the credit also goes to Debbie! She makes it easy for me. She knows when I will be busy and when it is appropriate to "cry" for attention...:)

Brushing - Trial & Error

It was not easy getting Denise to start using toothpaste with flouride. For a start, she has been using toothpaste meant for babies (those that are safe to swallow). It cost about $12 for a small tube and I have tried many ways to switch her to kids toothpaste.

I bought different types of fanciful toothbrushes and all kinds of different flavour of toothpaste. I let her brush my teeth...:p, in exchange of me brushing hers! Nothing works...

Finally, thanks to "Darlie" commercial which shows a boy kissing his Dad with foam in his mouth! I told her when she use kids toothpaste, she can also create foam in her mouth. *BINGO*

Ever since then, I have absolutely no problem getting her to use the new toothpaste...:) AND she has never asked to kiss JX with her foam...*phew*...

Monday, October 01, 2007


Denise not only know how to spell and write her name in FULL, she can also spell mine and Debbie's name. She is learning to spell and write JX's name now.

This was what she wrote in the sand pit while waiting for JX to pick her from school!

Exercising with Dad

This post is super-backdated. But I thought it was one of those rare moments where we brought Denise for some sports. Better blog it for memory sake...:p

Yes, from the length of her hair, you can see that these photos were taken quite some time ago...heheh.... Maybe one day, she will become a basketball player like the mummy...:)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Great tasting doughnuts flown in all the way from Hong Kong!!!