Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anlene Orchardmile Run

At the inspiration of Iris and to instill healthy living in Denise, 7 of us signed up for Anlene Orchardmile Run last Sunday and I brought Denise with me.

Denise was very excited during the week. I had no difficulty waking her up and the moment I whispered "Denise, wake up for Anlene Run..." She woke up...:)

For a moment, the kids were the centre of attraction...:)

We walked from Dhoby Ghaut MRT to Orchard MRT; a total of 1 mile (1.6km) within 28mins. All who finished the race received a Finisher medal at the end point. I guess they had extras because the kids each received one too!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Denise - Swimming Lesson

Bought Denise a new swimming costume because she started her swimming lessons today at Arena Country Club. Talked to the boss and found out that if they find you fit for competition; they will recommend you to David Lim, his partner, (former Singapore National Swimmer) for competitive training. But well...that would be many years down the road...:p I told him that my intention is to cultivate water confidence in Denise so that at least she is not afraid of water...:)

Lesson 1 (Total of 5 students)
- Warm up exercise
- Brief them on pool rules
- Learn how to get in and out of pool
- Learn to breathe from nose
- Went underwater
- Learn to balance on the float
- Jump into the pool with the help of instructor

Dora The Explorer - The Pirate Adventure

A friend gave us 3 tickets for Dora The Explorer - The Pirate Adventure at Singapore Expo. I brought Denise, Debbie AND Nicole (one of my colleague's daughter who loves Dora)! Yup, I brought 3 kids to a kids' show all by myself.... What a "pirate" adventure for me!

I had to drive them there, feed them dinner, bring them to toilet, buy Dora products during the break..... I am amazed I survived the night....:p

Denise and Nicole loved the show. They received Dora light-stick as door gifts for Corporate Guests. Sing and dance to the music... I bought each of them a Dora doll. And when Nicole's mummy came and pick her up, she gave Denise a Dora stamp pack. Denise was so thrilled!

3 Birthdays In a Weekend

1) On May 17 (Sat), Denise attended classmate Caelyn's birthday celebration at MacDonald (Queentown Ridout Garden). Caelyn had a 3D Barbie birthday cake; do you notice how awkward the candles were placed?She had a pinata as well. As there were too many children, Denise did not have her turn to pull the string. However, she had a great time trying to bag as much goodies as possible!2) May 18 (Sun), another classmate Richa celebrated her birthday at GoGoBambini. I heard so much about that place but this would be our first time bringing Denise there. Huge indoor playground but it was rather cramp... Not much program but the kids went crazy during the hour of free play! Food was average and Richa had a nice strawberry cake.

3) May 19 (Mon-Vesak Day), Denise went back to GoGoBambini for Javier's birthday... Yes, GoGoBamini again...:p Same place, same food... But this time the free play was interrupted because 1 toddler urinated in the playground...:p And it turned out that it was one of Javier's guest...hahhaha.... We proceed with cake-cutting and then the kids continued their play after that... As for cake, Javier had a Winnie the Pooh Swensen Ice-cream cake...something different!

Tiring weekend... But to Denise it was probably the most fun!