Monday, March 24, 2008


Debbie, at 8 months 2 weeks, is crawling on all fours now. She is developing rather fast, I think...:p

She loves to stand on in her bed. Can sit unsupported and now lifting up her butt and crawling on all fours!

Can't wait for her to stay cruising and walking...:)

Riding in IMM

Afther the "horse-riding" experience in Vivo, I told Denise that we will not sit on one of these battery-operated rides anymore.

When we went to IMM on Sunday, Denise and her friends jumped on that opportunity... $2 for about 5 mins ride....:p
When will I learn to say "no"...


Denise loves to help me cook!

I have always wanted to make my own pizza at home, and decided to buy the ingredient for some pizza-making on Friday!
Of course Denise was very excited. She helped me cut the ham, crabsticks, button mushrooms etc. Spread the ingredient and throw it into our toaster...

Viola! Our own Hawaiian Pizza! Yummy!!


Last Thursday, JX and I became "kiasu" parents... We bought activities books for Denise...:p

Denise told us that she will do her "homework" in school and she has been re-doing her previous A-B-C books at home. We went to Popular and bought her, not one but FOUR books! 2 Jumbo activities books for English and Chinese, another 2 on English and Maths.

However, we do not have to ask her to do them. Everyday she will ask us to read for her and help her do the activities. And when she is doing her work... She is VERY serious...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barbie Swimming Pool

Denise's latest toy....Barbie Swimming Pool! Her "reward" for taking part in the Fox Model Search.
A little indecent....cos she takes off their clothes...:p

But quite fun because you can create effects by having water dripping down from the sides.

As usual.....expensive....hahaha.....

Vision Test

Brought Denise for a *repeat* Vision Test on Monday.

She was so excited when the nurse warmed her up by asking her to read through the alphabets.... "N, O, H, A, E..."

Have you ever wondered why only these few letters?

Anyway, she has a 6/9 vision. Good for young children since they are not required to read the smaller characters...:)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Water Play @ IMM

Brought Denise to the Water Playground at IMM last Saturday. At first she was apprehensive about getting wet in public... But after some warming up, she went CRAZY!!!

And what about Debbie?

Sitting *like an angel* in her stroller; playing with her toy and eating her biscuit...:)

"Horse" Riding @ Vivo

Denise has always wanted to ride on one of these whenever we visit Vivo. But as a "calculative" mum, I always feel that it is a waste of money. About $4 for 5mins!!!

Even though she is always very understanding whenever I try explaining to her why she should not ride on one, I still feel bad that I have to reject her request.

Well, I finally gave in last weekend...but for 5mins only...:p

Fox Model Search 2008

Submitted Denise's photo to Fox Fashion and she was selected for the Audition, which was held on Mar 13, Friday, at Paragon.

About 60 - 80 hopefuls kids, aged 5-12 years old turned up that morning!

One girl even came dressed in a full bridal-liked gown... Hmm....thought Fox is more streetwear style?!!

Anyway, Denise simply walked down the aisle; not her usual self... No smile and cannot be bothered. The emcee asked her to give the judges a wave...and she just shook her head...:p

JX says that maybe they are looking for a "attitude-looking" face....hmmmmm...

Her happiest moment of the day? Shopping at Toy R Us and bought a swimming pool for her Barbie...:)

Monday, March 03, 2008

RIBS At Changing Appetites

Debbie: "I didn't know that the Ribs will be this BIG!"

Debbie: "Yummy! No one told me that RIBS was that good...:)..."

Debbie: "The older children had Kid's Meal and look at them... Wait till they try the RIBS... Hahhaha...."

The Singapore Flyer (Mar 2)

Mervyn bought our tickets last year when internet booking was launched! Was scheduled for the 8pm slot but managed to board earlier at 715pm with the Song's and Ho's...:)

It was drizzling and the capsule was wet. However, the view was still very captivating!

I managed to capture a short video clip of the scenery...:)

You may follow this link to view other photos we took: