Sunday, June 24, 2012

IKEA - Smaland Book of Records

Recently we discovered that Debbie has a new talent! She is amazingly good with the hula-hoop. Incidenttly, IKEA was holding a "Smaland - Book of Records" event and we registered her for the Hoopla Challenge. Children had to compete to make as many rounds as they can within a minute.

Saturday morning, we set off to IKEA Tampines.... All ready for the fun!

Debbie turned out to be the youngest and smallest-sized contestant among the 8 of them! And she had the biggest hoop :p The crowd cheered the loudest when she started twirling round and round.

I think they were not expecting her to "do well"....:) She actually stopped at 55secs. She thought she had to stop when the emcee started to count down. Anyway, she still did an amazing 149 per min! (The winner did 191!!! You can see her standing behind Deb in the pic below)

The event ended with a magic show and lucky draw. The kids had fun at the event and brought back goodie bags with snacks and Smaland products.

Thanks IKEA for a good time :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Denise planned a Lucky Dip for all the fathers over the Father's Day weekend. She wanted to do something to appreciate all the fathers. So we bought her some simple snacks and small items for her. She went round Expo approaching fathers that she knows and wished them "Happy Father's Day".

Not bad for a 9 years old :) I cannot remember what was I doing at Primary 3.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have been doing my homework and I noticed that Pri 3 has more holiday homework than Pri 1&2. But good thing there was no science homework because it's my weakest subject. Debbie does not have homework and she does not need to go to school. Actually, she is suppose to go to school but my mum said that she is in Preschool so she did not have to go to school. So good.....