Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holi Good Days in HK / Shenzhen / Macau

Our last trip to Hong Kong was 5 years ago when Debbie was 5 months old. This trip was to fulfill a promise that we made to the kids... We embarked on our 8D7N trip to HK/Shenzhen/Macau.

The trip would not be complete without a night stay in Disneyland
Mickey never changed. But oh boy.....look at us!

Look better as we aged.... :)

Merry Christmas from Disneyland!

Interlaken @ Shenzhen

A must-take pic for all travellers to Macua

Back to HK for more shopping!!

Final LOOT!
Words fail to tell the good times we had, the good food we ate and the great company that we had during this trip! Yeah!!!

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